Rotary Watches

Rotary watches have long-since been a favourite with many timepiece buyers and it’s mainly due to the way in which the watches are made that brought a great reputation that has continued from way back in 1895 when the company was first launched. Rotary watches were first developed by Moise Dreyfus, whose grandson still runs the company today and continues to bring out stunning timepieces that are both collector’s items as well as daily watches.

The British Army took to Rotary watches with gutso as the military men choose to wear the watches as they were easy to read, looked great and were very durable. The watches were the official watch of World War II and continue to be a household name some 80 years later. The brands popularity with people in Britain, meant that the headquarters were shifted from Switzerland to the UK and it’s been here ever since. While there are some replicas of Rotary watches, none state that they were hand-built in Switzerland, so that is a mark of what is real or not. As a result of the many copies, the prices of real Rotary watches has increased as there is certainly demand there, but as ever with any timepiece purchase it’s an investment with both heart and head and in many cases, the price is secondary to the look.

Rotary watches are fairly unique in the way look and work. They aren’t just practical and versatile, but they look fantastic and can be worn for sporting events, formal gatherings and casual wear. They are available in both men’s and women’s versions and they are popular for couples to buy his and hers watches for anniversary gifts. With automatic or quartz movement, you can be guaranteed of the precision and accuracy of the time and all of the watches are dolphin standard, which means they are waterproof so you needn’t worry about getting your Rotary watch wet.

Elements to Designing Cool T-Shirts

The first step to designing awesome t-shirts is planning. Think about the kind of t-shirts you want to design. Do you want an image, slogan or combination of the two? Will they be vintage inspired, pop culture or geeky? It is also a good idea to think about who you want to design your t-shirts for. If it’s just for yourself, that’s fairly easy, but if you are looking to sell your t-shirts and make some money, it’s worth narrowing down your target market and taking a look at what they are interested in and what they are wearing. Once you have a solid idea of what type of t-shirts you want to design and what would appeal to your target customer, it’s time to get designing! There are a few things your t-shirts will need, if they are to really stand out:

Colour: This is one of the most important elements of any great tee. The right colour scheme can really make your design stand out. It is worth taking some time to play around with different combinations to see what works – if your colour sense leaves a little to be desired, or if you’re just after a few new ideas, there are plenty of online colour matching sites, which can come up with contrasting and matching colour combinations. Don’t forget to keep it simple. Black and white t-shirts sell the best. Also, the more colours you have, the higher your printing costs will be and you run the risk of your t-shirts looking chaotic and messy rather than eye-catching and distinctive.

Graphic: There are a number of images which are popular on t-shirts at the moment and if you’re looking for mass market appeal, you might want to consider incorporating one of these in your overall design. Animals seem to have a fairly timeless appeal as does nature. Think about using common images in an interesting or unusual way for a twist on the conventional.

Placement: Most graphics are placed on the front upper area of the chest. Don’t try and reinvent the t-shirt wheel, here!

Material: Really great t-shirts not only look good, they feel great to wear. Ensure your customers get the most out of your t-shirts and that they become a staple of their wardrobe, by sourcing good quality and long-lasting t-shirt blanks like American Apparel. Good quality materials and the best quality printing should also help make your t-shirts look much better than cheap fabric and printing.

Pulsar Watches

Pulsar first hit the watch market in the 1972 with the first LED watch. Remember those bright blinking computer-like numbers? This was the world’s first electronic digital watch. And by 1975, Pulsar had created a watch with a built-in calculator – another first for the company.Now fast forward 40 years and Pulsar is still in the business of letting its customers make a statement with their wrist watch.

The company is now a division of Seiko Watch Corp. – another manufacturer of fine time pieces. But while Pulsar introduced the world’s first electronic digital watch, today’s Pulsar watches are primarily analog, featuring quartz chronograph movement.

Women’s Pulsar Watches

Pulsar’s signature style for women feature beautiful brushed gold or silver bracelet watches. These sleek stainless steel watches are truly a piece of jewelry around your wrist. Three popular styles include:

Pulsar’s two-tone stainless steel watch is perfect for day or evening. The bracelet links seem to flow from the 18mm case, tapering slightly at the clasp. Dissecting the brushed silver link bracelet is a gold thread that runs down the middle of the link bracelet and around the watch case. The face has a silver dial and gold-tone hands and hour markers that match the gold accent on the bracelet. The bracelet measures 7½ inches long and 17mm wide at its widest point. The Japanese quartz movement keeps you running on schedule. It is water resistant to 30 meters and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

For a different look, consider Pulsar’s black ion-plated stainless steel watch for women. It has the same sleek lines Pulsar enjoys offering, but is somewhere on the spectrum between dark pewter and light gunmetal. The grey rectangular dial is set off by silver-tone hands and hour markers. Whereas the first watch tapered slightly from the case, this beauty is a consistent 18mm wide from the case and all the way around the 8-inch long bracelet. The bracelet closes with a push button deployant. It, too, is water resistant to 30 meters and carries a five-year limited warranty.

Go for the gold with Pulsar’s brushed and polished gold-tone stainless steel watch. Whereas the first two watches described above had square links, this beauty has curved links for a softer, more sophisticated look. The curvy look is also carried over into the irregularly shaped case, which is more like a wavy square. The case features a white dial, gold-tone hands and hour markers. The 7½-inch bracelet closes with a push button deployant. It carries a five-year limited warranty and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Men’s Pulsar Watches

While the women’s Pulsar watches are beautiful, the company did not forget about its male clientele when designing watches that make a statement.

Pulsar has a line of Kinetic watches that men will find intriguing, starting with the Kinetic Tech Gear black ion Finish watch. This sport watch is powered by Kinetic movement. It has an instant-start function and six-month power reserve. It comes in a range of colors: black on black, black and silver, gold, silver and blue – just to name a few. This line features polished silver-tone hour and minute hands with luminous accents and a sweeping second hand, as well as polished silver index markers. There is a date window at 3 and a minute indicator around the bezel. The stainless steel round case marked with the Kinetic logo, right next to the steel crown. This line is water resistant to 100 meters.

Pulsar also makes a line of chronograph watches, offering a multitude of functions. All powered by digital quartz movement, these watches light up, allow for five daily alarms and 30 scheduled alarms, offer the world time for 39 cities, give you 100 lap split with memory recall and a 1/100th second stopwatch that records elapsed time up to 100 hours. This line comes in variety of cases and colors – styles that run from casual to sport to dressy – most with the same functions.

Relax Bean Bag Style

Because Size Really Does Matter

How do you expect me to relax while sitting up? A bean bag that only allows an upright position is a thing of the past, history. Now there are bags the size of a sofa bed. In fact, bags this large can often be converted from a couch to a bed and are large enough to hold two or more people. Comfortable and economical, they are easy to move and set-up for those last-minute overnight guests and can be used daily as a place to veg out.

And if you’re not looking for the King Kong of bean bag chairs, you will have several other size options. You can go for the classic chair size (upright position), a medium size (allowing you to recline and offering back support) or a large size (if you want to put your feet up or snuggle with that special someone). You may also want to consider getting a chair for your little one. Bean bag chairs for kids make a great gift and will provide the opportunity to make their own gaming and movie watching memories. After all, what is childhood without a bean bag?

Size options are endless and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a bag to suit your space and relaxation position of choice. Remember, bean bags are a great space saver. With the convertibility from chair or couch to a bed, you really can’t go wrong with this piece of furniture. Throw in a matching ottoman and you’ll have that living room chair beat in no time.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Perhaps these days we should be calling them “foam bags” since the long sought after bean bag is now filled with foam. Sure you can still find “beans” if you’re feeling nostalgic, but if you’re looking for comfort, foam is the way to go. The advantage of foam is the “re-fluffing” factor. After a long day of chillin’ out, a little jostling will bring your chair back to life. There is actually a brand of bean bad chair called the Foof Chair. Known for its patented urethane foam filling, this chair holds its shape and won’t break down over time.

A Friend for You and Friendly for the Environment

Go green! That’s right; you can even go green when it comes to your bag. Made from recycled and earth-friendly materials, EcoSak bean bags are filled with recycled furniture-grade foam, and covered in 100% certified organic cotton. And just like most others, the cover is machine washable.

Seal the Deal and Start Relaxing

Choose your color and you’re ready to enter a state of bliss. Allow yourself to be engulfed in a bean bag chair. When was the last time you were hugged by your couch or favorite chair? And not just hugged, I mean completely consumed, enveloped. You’ll get the support your body needs and that blissful nap you’ve been craving. Snap out of that food coma and get your bean bag chair! And don’t feel guilty; it’s the after-the-Holiday’s gift you deserve.

Miracle Jeans

Style and Size

There are so many brands and styles out there that my best tip is to ask the shop assistant what she suggests for you. If no shop assistant is handy, be adventurous. It cost nothing but time to try on lots of styles. The bootleg style with tapered fit and a slight flare below the knees is a classic style that suits all women. Straight leg jeans, with no flare, are also universally flattering. My Jag jeans are called – slim ankle grazers. Even after I have cut centimetres off them, they are slim-fitting at my ankles (slimming but not skin-tight). For women over 40, just make sure the jeans are high-rise on you. Anything lower and you may end up with the dreaded muffin top.

Here is a smart dressing tip. Find a pair of jeans you love. Measure them width-wise at the knees and ankles and take other jeans in at the side seams to create your best shape all the time. If you cannot sew and there is no one to do it for you, pay an alterations service or a dressmaker to adjust them for you.

Size-wise, some jeans like Corfu in Australia and Jag internationally have intermediate sizes eg 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc. This give you more chance of finding the perfect waist fit for you. Otherwise try on at least two sizes in new jeans because sizing varies. It is not the number. It is the fit that is important.

Non-surgical Lift and Slim

Jeans material needs to have some stretch in it for comfort and fit. Today, jeans are made of all sorts of miracle fabrics for lifting and flattening. Generally, the most effective cost the most but not always. I tried on one brand advertising a miracle tummy slimming panel to find that someone had an overactive imagination. It does not hurt to try them on. Look for visible results on you rather than believe the advertising hype.

Check that you can bend, squat and sit in them without pain. Some salespeople will tell you that you are better off in jeans that are tight at the waist as they will stretch as you wear them. That is fine but if the first hour is uncomfortable and zipping them up is always a challenge, they will sit in the back of your cupboard unworn. We all wore uncomfortable clothes when young. Laugh now and go a size bigger.

Does my Bum look Big in These?

It is easy when trying on jeans to only look at your front and side view. Rear pockets can make or break your look.

What to look for in pockets? First check the stitching colour. The more the stitching colour blends with your jeans colour, the less obvious the pockets are and the smoother your bottom shape. Got a pert bottom? Let the stitching pattern and colour draw attention to a Kylie Minogue pert bottom. The best pockets are on an angle and do not go below the curve of your bottom. Any lower gives you a bigger bottom and a baggy look.

Berlei Post-Surgery Bra

There are many reasons why a woman may want surgery on her breast. Breast obsession among women is not strange, some women prefer the breasts nature has given them, others are concerned about the size and shape of their breast, and of course breast surgery may be necessary for a medical purpose. In the last 25 years or so, plastic surgery techniques have greatly improved and it is common to see a woman that has changed her breast size or shape through surgery.

Though the risk involved in breast augmentation has been greatly reduced, it is still an invasive and expensive procedure. Whenever one is considering breast surgery, it is advisable to think of the appropriate care of the new breasts. Just after the surgery, the breast will not look as envisioned. The implants hang, and they will not be well aligned with the rest of the breast. There are also the inevitable, painful and unpleasant incisions to deal with. The breasts are always swollen and tender after the surgical procedure; doctors have advised that it is good to use a soft wire-free bra. This is where the Berlei post-surgery bra comes in.

After some time, the breasts will look as envisioned. The implants will align with the rest of the breast, and the incisions will disappear. However, there is one thing one must do to get this desired result. Get the right post-surgery bra, get Berlei post-surgery bra! The importance of using the correct bra after a breast augmentation surgery cannot be over emphasized. The correct support it will offer helps a lot in the healing, and implants positioning.

Shopping is fun, but bra shopping after surgery is not always exciting. You are under a lot of pressure to get the right bra that you will not only be comfortable with, but one that is also fashionable. If you want an affordable and comfortable post-surgery bra that has no under wire but comes with both front and back opening, and inner pockets that can easily accommodate the prosthesis, look no further. Berlei post-surgery bra is not only good for your health, it is also comfortable.

Types of Wool in Clothing


Cashmere is a wool you probably will have heard of and it is made from the fur of the Kashmir goat, which can be found dwelling in the mountainous areas across Asia. The hair from this goat is cut (not shaved) to produce a very fine and soft wool that is soft and feels luxurious on the skin. Garments that contain 100% cashmere wool aren’t cheap but often other types of woven into clothes along with cashmere to produce more affordable pieces of clothing.


Angora wool comes from rabbit wool and like cashmere is a very fine and delicate wool – it also insulates heat and repels water. This type of wool is very rare as there are not many rabbit farmers around making it very expensive to buy. Like cashmere, angora is often woven with other types of wool to produce more affordable garments. Angora must always be dry-cleaned as it is so delicate, even hand-washing this type of wool can be detrimental to it.


Alpaca wool tends to come from two different types of alpacas – the Huacaya and the Suri. This type of wool is extremely lightweight but also very strong and robust. There are lots of alpaca farms around the world making this type of wool not so rare and a lot cheaper than cashmere and angora.


Sheep wool is the most popular type of wool but all of the different types of sheep produce very different kinds of wool. Lamb’s wool is the most expensive type of sheep wool as it is the softest kind. Merino is a very popular type of sheep wool and these sheep are often found in New Zealand and parts of Australia. Merino, like lamb’s wool, is a very soft type of sheep wool, which is why it is such a popular clothing fibre. It is excellent at regulating body temperature and like other wools contains lanolin, which has special antibacterial properties.

Ladies Waterproof Jackets

One of the biggest problems with outdoor jackets is that most of them tend to be very bulky and functional. Of course, if you live in a place where the weather gets really bad then you will certainly need one of these heavy duty jackets. If however, you will be able to stay protected from the elements for most of the time and need protection for very short periods (walking to the train, for example) then you can go for ladies waterproof jackets that look less bulky. Be warned that they will not protect you from cold very well since they might be without a fleece lining. It is a good idea to pick up a jacket that has a removable lining so that you can wear it in the best way that suits you.

There are many different types of ladies waterproof jackets available these days and you will be completely spoilt for choice. Pick a color that suits your appearance the best. Ladies waterproof jackets can be quite expensive especially if they are very sturdy and well-constructed. It might be a good idea to go for a cheaper option if you will not be wearing your jacket very often. If you live in a place that experiences a lot of wet weather then you ought to make sure that your jacket has waterproof jacket seams are taped for complete protection and also that it has a full length zip for a proper fit.

Ladies waterproof jackets also come with hoods but some hoods might not be a good fit for your head. Make sure that you buy a jacket that has a hood of the right size, or at least one that can be adjusted easily. If fashion is your biggest priority then you ought to buy a jacket from a brand that is well known for fashion.

Feather Extensions

Popular types of feathers

These feathers come from a specific kind of rooster which is bread for long time. On the back of a rooster, these feathers are present in the form of bunch called the saddles. They are three to sixteen inches long and quite flexible. A single rooster saddle contains 200 to 500 feathers, which varies in length. Thin feathers can be obtained from the neck to the tail of a rooster, called prized feathers. Other popular feathers in hair are peacock feathers, which are available in shades of deep blues, teals and greens. Most of women like to wear light colored feathers for complimenting their real hair color.

How to apply feather extensions?

The application of feathers for hair is quite easy and identical to the regular hair extensions. Hair stylist attaches the colorful feathers using the micro beads, hair clips or metal hooks. A wearer can easily remove the extensions without any difficulty. For obtaining permanent feathers in hair, ask from a professional hair stylist about the extension’s detail.

Easy handling with no intensive care

One of the greatest advantages of feather extension is easy handling. You can shampoo, blow dry, condition, brush, curl and straighten hair feathers easily. Feathers in hair will last in between 6 to 8 weeks. Another plus of feathers for hair is no need of intensive care, as they can be disposed off whenever you want.

Shop online

Feathers for hair are quite popular accessories, which can be purchased from various beauty stores. The best way of quick purchasing is an online shopping. There are a number of online stores, which sell various types of feathers on the most reasonable rates. They have products which differ in length and colors. The lowest prices can be of $16 which will really help you to get the most suitable feathers for hair. Search online with great interest to get the competitive prices. Compare each website with the other, so that you can get the idea of market prices. The advantage of shopping online is the free home delivery, which prevents you from going out when you do not have much time for shopping.

Womens Polo Shirts

Living in a warm-weather client can be quite uncomfortable, especially given the fact that warm weather can make one sweat more than they’d like to. If you want to keep this discomfort at bay, you’ll be very happy to know that womens polo shirts can be quite effective at doing so. In fact, this is the perfect type of shirt for wearing in warm-weather climates, regardless of the situation.

The amount of colors that are available in is higher than a lot of people realize. In fact, these types of shirts are available in just about every color that one could think of. If you’re unsure as to whether or not this is for you, you’ll be happy to know that they are available in more colors than you could ever count.

The versatility of womens polo shirts is something that many people don’t take into consideration. The fact is, these types of shirts can actually dramatically help you to fit into either a casual or office environment, and are ideal for those who work in a business-casual office. The more you can wear this to the office, the more comfortable you’ll be.

A lot of women like to wear khaki pants to the office. The fact is, khaki pants look fantastic with polo shirts. Even those who aren’t used to wearing this will love khaki pants, regardless of what they are used to wearing at the office. The more you can wear these types of shirts, the better off you’ll be.

This doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as many people think that they might be. In fact, you’ll be very happy about the fact that womens polo shirts are far less expensive than most people think. The more you look into finding a bargain, the better off you’ll be.

Always consider shopping at a thrift store when looking into womens polo shirts. These shirts are typically available at thrift stores, and for a fraction of the price of what one might spend at a new store. The more you look into thrift stores, the happier you’ll be.