Lucky Hobo Bag

  • Leather Hobo Bags – As one might expect, these bags range from slouch styles to stash bags, and can be found in quite a number of sizes for different women’s needs. The colors for these bags include everything from bright and bold to warmer and traditional colors. Also included in this category of bags are styles that include patch bags, Boho styles and more.
  • Patchwork Hobos – Here is a fun category of bags and again these range broadly in looks and design. The most popular of these bags appears to be the “Diana Boho” hobo, a conglomeration of different fabrics, designs and colors. Personally a patchwork bag would not fit my own personal preferences but these are most definitely an exception – they’re gorgeous and perfect for ladies who have a desire for a more “earthy” or Bohemian style.
  • Theodora Hobo Bag – This specific bag seems to be looked for specifically than any other single style of bag in this lineup. It can be found in either leather or suede versions and also has a sort of Boho appeal to it, complete with “peace” charms. My favorite color with this bag is the “Bourbon” leather which is a darker shade of brown with just a hint of red.

Rain Boots

Features for the Whole Family

In general, rain boots should feature the following:

  • Keep the feet dry
  • Keep the feet warm
  • Provide breathability
  • Durability
  • Easily cleaned
  • Solid traction


For mom, rain boots go beyond the general features. They must be stylish. Women actually care if colors match the outfit, or if the outfit serves as a base to showcase a stylish boot. The look matters.

This doesn’t exclude all the basic factors. Women are also the first to wail on manufacturers who fail to meet quality standards. They better look good, and they better NOT fall apart.

Mom will generally care more about designer boot options, as well. Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Hunter all hold significance in the shopping experience. Familiarity with a famous and dependable designer can make or break a buying decision.


Dad may not care as much about the designer, but he WILL still shop for a reliable brand of boots. Brands famous for rugged and durable footwear sway the buying decision for men in search of dependable work boots.

Features must go beyond the basics in terms of traction, stability, rugged construction, and durability. Since they’re likely to be worn for countless hours in wet and muddy conditions, Dad’s boots must often exceed the standards for comfort, support, protection (from water/waterproof and temperature), and breathability.


The teen and tween shopper is MUCH more likely to pursue a look in a boot. Just as young boys will desire cool or even “plain” rain boots, young girls may prefer the wildest and most colorful options.

Since young girls often desire multiple options for the wardrobe, several pairs of inexpensive boots may be preferable to one long-lasting pair of rain boots.

Teens and Tweens begin an interest in name brands and designers, but high end designer rain boots are often way beyond the budget. If a name brand or designer is important, shopping for sales may be the only way to obtain designer footwear.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of other budget-friendly options available in chain stores and online. Polka dots, solids, patterns, and truly unique designs are all available in the $25-40 range. Teens and tweens should have no trouble maintaining a fashion statement for a reasonable cost.


For kids and toddlers, rain boots are just plain cute. Even if they’re solid colored and functional, they’re just cute on those tiny feet.

Every character and animal imaginable may appear on kids’ rain boots. Hello Kitty, pink and purple flowers and adorable frogs splash in puddles with little girls. For boys, super heroes, dinosaurs, trains, and trucks are there to soar through the mud.

If they’re young enough to enjoy dressing like Mom and Dad, Crocs and other brands provide matching styles for all ages. Truly, rain boots are fun for the whole family.

Advantages of Black Diaper Bags

  • They go with everything
    Black diaper bags can go with any outfit. The color is suitable for coordinating with any style dress and always looks great. No matter what outfit that you are planning or hoping on wearing to an event you don’t need to worry about whether or not it will go with your choice of bag. Black bags allow you to pick any dress or outfit that you want of any color and of any style. Who needs to worry about bags when there is so much else that you need to do to get ready to go out?
  • They will not look dirty
    Have you ever gone out with a white handbag and realized that it looked dirty? This can be a regular occurrence with handbags because sometimes you are forced to set them on the floor and other places where there is potential to get them dirty. Black diaper bags will not show dirt or any other stain that has come in contact with them. This is just one more thing that you will have to worry about when you are out with a light colored bag; black bags allow you to relax and not be concerned with such things.
  • They are timeless
    Black diaper bags are never going to go out of style. You can stash your bag away in your closet for twenty years and be assured that it will still look as good with whatever you are wearing as it did today. They are always going to be in style and be used, especially for a special night out. Nothing can beat black handbags in adding to an evening gown or anything else that you would wear to a special occasion and the same holds true for diaper bags that are black.
  • Black diaper bags are a great accessory to have ready in your closet. You can use one and be assured that it will look good and will help to enhance your look. They add a sense of style and class to any outfit that you will decide on wearing so be sure that you always have one on standby.

Ladies Laptop Bags

It is important to do your homework first. Once you have decided on a budget you need to find the laptop bag that suits your style.

Although ladies laptop bags come in various designs, style and fashion, you need to consider the main use of the bag. It is a case of style meets function. You really don’t want to end up being frustrated every time you use your bag… all for the sake of fashion.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular bag styles available to you.

The most common style is the “brief bag” laptop bag. This is the typical laptop bag you see 99% of the people use. Simply uninspiring, but if you want to go for something traditional and reliable, then this is the bag for you.

It is a functional bag, but will hardly stand out from the crowd.

Do you travel a lot and are airports your hang out place? The “top loading” laptop bag might be best suited for you. This type of bag allows easy access to your laptop, especially at the security checkpoints.

Specialized “checkpoint friendly” laptop bags have become available on the market. They are specially designed for making check-through, at airport security points, quicker and easier.

The whole idea is not even take out the laptop from the bag. Simply unzip and open the bag. The laptop is separate and isolated. Displayed clearly for easy inspection. These laptop bags are gaining popularity. Can you believe it… even the design has been patented. I have not seen specific ladies laptop bags in this design, but it will probably be a matter of time before they hit the market.

One of my favorite bag styles is the rolling laptop bag. This bag is great for when you are constantly on the go. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the bag. It makes walking long distances a breeze and is real easy on your shoulders and hands.

These type of bags normally come with tons of extra pocket space for your accessories. The rolling laptop bag is hugely popular and you will be pleased to know that they come in a huge variety of designs. You will definitely find something that meets your fashion taste.

The “two-in-one” type of laptop bags for women is also becoming more popular. The laptop bag can be used as a backpack or can be carried over your shoulder. These bags offer you great flexibility and you can change the look of you laptop bag easily… from a backpack to a normal shoulder bag.

As you can see there are a lot of different styles you can choose from. Once again make sure you pick the style of bag that suits your need, personality and fashion sense. Do your homework and who says you can only choose one laptop bag. Happy shopping.

Style With a Dog Poop Bag Holder

You know your pet needs those daily walks. Without them they become bored. And a bored pet means that trouble is lurking, especially when you are away. Destructive behavior in dogs is frequently attributed to bored and inactive dogs. So always plan that daily walk, no matter the weather, no matter how tired you may feel. The change of scenery will be great for both of you and of course, the exercise will be good for both of you.

Your dog poop bag holder will make your job easier. You won’t have to remember those empty waste bags and figure out which pocket to stuff them in because they should be ready and protected in your bag holder. You won’t have to figure out which of your pockets they are in when you need one, because they will be easily available in your waste bag holder. And once you have scooped the canine waste and tied the knot, you simply return your waste bag to the expandable interior compartment of your canine waste bag holder.

If your pet waste bag holder comes in different sizes, then there is room for more than one loaded bag if needed. This will leave your hands free for better ventures. Your canine waste bag will be secure and protected from breakage and from portraying its ugly site to everyone. You are very well assisted with your dog waste bag holder. You care with style.

Everyone needs a change of pace. This certainly includes your pet. So after your busy day at work, enjoy that leisurely stroll with your canine friend, realizing the health and mental benefits you are offering to them. Try to diversify your walks and take a different route to keep in interesting for both of you. Realizing the assistance given to you by your canine poop bag holder, you will have more time and energy to focus on those important musings when out enjoying your daily walk with your pet.

In addition to handling your empty and full poop bags, many holders will carry much more when out with your pet. Some will hold treats, training items such as a clicker or whistle, your wallet, cell phone and even a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the ready and inverted position. Some also contain a handy clip that you can attach your keys, flashlight or a dog waste bag dispenser to. All that you desire on you walk can be easily carried in your dog poop bag holder, rather than shoving into your pockets or juggling by hand.

So in addition to greatly assisting you on your daily walks, your new accessory will portray the image to all that you care… that you care with style. Realizing this need, some are even available in more than one color. Consider the many varieties of canine bags on the market and choose the canine waste bag holder that best meets your needs.

If you are one of those who pick up dog poop, then you obviously care. You care about our environment, our health and the well-being of all. Learn that you can now give the image that you care with style by using a new dog poop bag holder.

Custom Belt Buckles

Well, just as you may have your reasons for wearing these buckles, in the same way there are thousands of other people who have their very own reasons too for wearing them and that is why these buckles are such a big hit.

Because of the immense popularity of these custom made belt buckles, there are now so many different types of designs that are available. You would now very easily be able to get something like western rhinestone designs, the kind that women just love wearing on their belts.

Buckles that are custom made are now amongst the hottest accessories being used by men as well as women. In fact, if you watch most recent TV shows you will see that there is some person or the other, trying to make a fashion statement by wearing such buckles. And if you feel that you have not seen any such TV show, it just means that you were not paying enough attention as these buckles are now in common use on almost all TV shows.

One of the reasons why people wear such buckles is because these buckles are ways of letting people express themselves. The best form of such an expression is getting a personalized buckle made for themselves. There can be any kind of custom buckle, depending upon the need of the wearer.

The buckle could show the name of the wearer, the hobby of the wearer, some kind of statement that the wearer wanted to make or just about anything else that the wearer of the buckle has in mind.

When people wear such buckles, it makes them stand out from the crowd, of that there can be no doubt at all. People are also making their very own statement by wearing the buckles.

Finding Perfect Day Dress

Many celebs have been spotted in all sorts of styles of skater dress, including Zoey Deschanel and her red, full-circle dress. It’s easy to imitate the celeb trends and still pay your monthly mortgage repayments thanks to the number of online fashion retailers selling cheap celeb dresses that will make you feel like you’re worth a million dollars.

The skater dress is reminiscent of the costumes female figure skaters used to wear, and this is where the dress got its name from. Typically the skater dress is a high-necked dress with a cinched waist and flared skirt. But since it’s become so popular, there are a lot of variations including peter-pan collars, lacy skater dresses, long-sleeved, capped-sleeve and sleeveless.

This type of dress is so popular because it suits every shape and size, and because of its versatility. It can be dressed up or down and worn in any season. If it’s cold you can slip it on with some fashionable tights and you can go bare-legged on a balmy summer evening. You can add a belt to accentuate the cinched waist even further showing off a ladylike silhouette and you can add a smart cropped blazer for a sophisticated evening look. Most importantly, the skater dress is comfy, flattering and effortless – grab it out of your wardrobe or out of a suitcase, slip it on and job done, you’re ready to go.

There are so many varieties available online and at very affordable prices, there’s a skater dress out there to suit every budget. Other pretty day dresses include peter-pan collar dresses, which are appearing everywhere this spring. This type of collar gives the perfect ladylike finish with its soft and rounded edges. Another popular dress this season is the one shoulder or asymmetrical dress – now a wardrobe staple that can be worn through multiple seasons, and won’t go out of fashion if you keep it classic. Add volume to your bust with a one shoulder dress by wearing a belt to cinch in the waist showing off feminine curves.

Other day dress styles include the maxi, which now a timeless piece for a sunny day, and despite what people say, can flatter all types of shape and size, not just the tall and willowy types. The maxi dress is effortless, all you have to is slip it on, and you look instantly stylish and sophisticated.

Sizable Issue

So I go on my merry way with a little bit of a complex… ” is everyone looking at me… do they think I am huge? do they know I couldn’t fit into a size 14 jeans”? Uh. No… actually probably none of the above. I consider myself to be a regular size 12-14, however, this obviously changes when you consider the individual garment and cut of the clothing you are wearing/trying on.

The next pair of jeans I try on are a size 12, and whilst yes, they are quite firm… all of my complexes actually fit snugly within the flesh binding threads, and a big bonus… I can actually bend over in them and still be able to breathe in a normal manner!! The decision is made “I’m taking these babies home”. The feeling you get when a piece of clothing actually fits nicely, is quite in describable, it’s like a “breathe of fresh air”, ironically!

Recently, whilst watching a news program I was brought to attention by the issue they were bringing to “the wider Australian community”. Basically the story was meant to be a wake up call to all Australian Women. Apparently according to this particular channel, women’s clothes in Australia are actually larger in size then what they are labelled as and that women need to cop onto this and start to look after themselves. HA… I don’t know where they are getting this information but I think they are definitely not shopping anywhere near any of the places I shop in, in contrary, most of the clothes that I try are marked at least a size or two above what they actually are, so instead of being a size 12 (as they are marked) they are actually cut to a size 10…hmmm not great for the old self- image issues I think. Needless to say I was so disgusted with this program, I had steam coming out of both ears and my nearest and dearest were getting ready to take cover.

So where does all of this come back to? Shape, that’s what… and everyone’s varying opinions of course.

I would have to say that I have an hourglass figure, I am not slim, I have my problem areas, my bust and hips are pretty much bang on the same mark of the tape measure, I have generous thighs and athletic legs. I also have quite narrow shoulders, which causes me some grief when buying jackets and tops due to the difference between my bust and shoulder widths. Another person who would have had this problem when she was a plus sized model is Sophie Dahl.

Whilst, I do not claim to be exactly the same size or shape as this image, there are definitely huge similarities between the proportions. This is what a lot of people do not take into consideration. I am not a small hourglass, nor do I consider myself a large hourglass, but I am an hourglass and the tape measure does not lie.

Many people would say that Kate Moss is pretty petite and almost straight up and down, but if you looked at a picture of Kate closely, I think you would see that she is more of a petite hourglass… who would have thought?…

People, place far too much emphasis on size, and don’t seem to concentrate enough on the beauty of variation and shape. Fortunately, some have started to catch on, some such as Just Jeans, with their range of jeans that have a varying size chart and curve depending on the persons shape, whether it be slightly curved, partly curved or extremely curved (bold). In this way, I think, it would be much easier for everyone, be it sharp curve or slight curve to find a great pair of fitting jeans.

Plain Carrier Bags

Plain carrier bags definitely serve their purpose for your customers but when it comes down to serving your business a plain bag just won’t do. It’s a huge oversight to order carrier bags that do not have your company logo on them because you are over looking an inexpensive way to get thousands of new customers. Each time a customer leaves your tore with a bag branded with your logo all of the other shoppers around them will see it and be introduced to your company. The more often your logo is seen the more likely new customers are to visit your store.

Why would invest money in plain carrier bags when for only pennies more you can have those same carrier bags branded with your logo and contact information? Customized carrier bags help you turn your customers from shoppers, to an advertising mob. The more of your bags you get out there with your logo on them the more likely new customers will be to trust your company and view you as a reliable source of goods and services. Seeing other carrying your bags around during their shopping trip helps others to feel more comfortable and males them more likely to give your products a try. Customization of your shopping bags is the key to opening the door to an advertising force like you’ve never seen.

Plain carrier bags are alright but they just don’t have the underlying advertising power that a customized bag does. Especially around the holiday season it becomes increasingly important to ensure your brand is seen and noticed. With thousands of options for holiday shopping you need your business to stand out in the crowd. Now is a great time to choose a bag style that might be a little bit more funky, or brighter than you normally would because the more your bag stands out the more people will likely be to visit your store. In the end more business is never a bad thing right?

For a few extra pennies, you can trade in your plain carrier bags for a customized bag with your logo and contact information on it. This can increase your sales especially during the holiday season by thousands in a very short period of time. These bags will pay for themselves in the first week. When you let your customers do your advertising you cannot go wrong, it is cheap, it is effortless and, most importantly of all, it is fast.

Pick a Leather Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are quintessential luggage items. It is the kind of luggage that everyone admires. Plus, it carries a whole lot of items! Leather duffel bags are a popular choice among jetsetters, travelling businessmen and professionals, and for a number of reasons. First of all, no one can deny that they simply look good. No matter the color or style, leather duffel bags will surely turn heads in the airport.

Planning to invest in a leather duffle bag? Then listen up: this article will tell you the best advice on how to pick a leather duffel bag! You will never again regret a wrong or expensive purchase just by following these tips.

There are so many types, styles and designs for leather duffel bags, but you have to take into consideration many things. The first step to pick a leather duffle bag is to pay careful attention to some variables. Open your bag and see the contents inside. Do you pack many things on your trip, or do you pack sparingly? Also, take note of your personality, lifestyle and style choice. Remember that the duffel bag should fit you and your personal style like a glove.

Here are other tips on how to pick a leather duffle bag

  • Figure out what type of duffel bag you will need. There are a variety of styles and types to cater to different needs. For example, do you need a large duffle bag to place all your things, or will a small one do for you? Do you need a leather handbag type or a rolling type of duffel bag? By asking relevant questions, you will come up with sound answers and make the right choice.
  • One big factor on how to pick a leather duffle bag is its size. As mentioned before, check the contents of your present luggage or duffel bag to estimate the size of the duffle bag. Make sure to choose one that will accommodate all your needed items without overcrowding them. Add additional space in order to store extra things.
  • Always consider the price when thinking on how to pick a leather duffle bag. Since it is made of leather, expect it to be a little pricey. If you want to save some money, try checking bargains online. Look into discount web sites and auction web sites. See ads for used and second hand duffel bags. Most used duffle bags are still in good condition, in fact, looking better than ever!