Cruyff have become known for their knack at crafting some of the finest trainers around, their way of combining fine materials and elegant designs seems to result in one of the most elegant yet practical trainers on the market today – partly the reason behind the brands success.

In every pair of Cruyff trainers it’s apparent that the finest materials have been sourced for the producing of their trainers. The effort and time that’s poured into crafting these trainers is unquestionable as every single piece seems faultless, if I never knew better I could suggest that some of their collections were hand crafted.

Attention to detail seems paramount to Cruyff.


The attraction to Cruyff differs from person to person but for me it’s their eye catching designs that grab my attention. It’s doubtful that you will find a range among Cruyff’s vast collection that isn’t stylish, but theirs one thing for certain; each design is elegant and highly fashionable. Their classic trainers are sought after among the trend seekers who continually seek the latest fashionable footwear and after experiencing Cruyff I can understand why.

Light & Agile

Whether you’re a keen sportsman who seeks comfortable and sturdy footwear with a stylish edge or a trend seeker looking for the latest fashionable trainers – there’s one thing you’re sure to want and that’s light and agile trainers, a key element of Cruyff trainers.

Although their collections are fresh season after season you can be certain that those classic trainers such as the Recopa classics and Vanenburg trainers are present every time. To some who are unfamiliar with Cruyff this may seem pointless that some of their ranges are continually the same but those two classic trainers are superb and among the most popular ranges, you can expect to see slight changes in detailing and colour but the concept remains the same each time.

How to Wear Cufflinks

A cufflink is fastener and/of clasp, often decorative or ornamental, that are worn on the cuffs of a dress shirt. There are five different shirt styles that can be worn with cufflinks – French, Angle Cut French, Round Corner French, One Button, Angle Cut, and Two Button.

The idea selecting a style of cufflink that adds to your wardrobe – not distracts from your wardrobe. They come in a vast variety of styles, so it really is easy to find a style that fits your personality and is an excellent accessory to express yourself. You can select from a wide variety of cufflinks. You can select from career related (dollar sign cufflinks for the banker), hobby related (golf clubs for the guy that loves golf), engraved with personal initials, numbers, and many more. For the sports fanatics, they can select from sports-themed cufflinks which feature the logo of NFL and MLB teams. When wearing cufflinks, be careful not to wear a style that is too formal for a casual occasion or vice versa.

Cufflinks come with different back closures, so select whichever type of closure easiest for you. The following are the types of cufflink back closures to select from: The bullet back closure is the most common style and many say the easiest to work with. The back of this style is bullet shaped (hence the name) and can be turned and manipulated through the button hole on the cuff and turned to secure the cufflink in place. The fixed backing is a post with a backing that does not move and is aid to difficult to affix. The chain link closure back has both sides joined by a chain and allows for a looser cuff and requires some expertise to affix. The ball return backing is made from gold or silver, allows for a loose cuff, and easy to put on. The whale back closure has a straight post with a solid, flat tail that flips flat to insert and then flips back to secure it in place.

Admittedly putting on cufflinks does require some practice and some people are not even sure how to affix them properly. When putting on the cufflinks, both sides of the cuffs need to be held together without overlapping. Let’s start with the most common style of cufflink, the bullet back closure, and wearing a shirt a one button shirt. First of all, remember, the decorative face of the cufflink should be facing the outside of the shirt so it is more noticeable. Hold the two side of the shirt cuff together make sure they are not overlapping, and line up the holes. Insert the post of the cufflink through the hole on both sides of the cuff and turn the back of the bullet back closure of the cufflink to affix it in place and make it secure.

Beautiful Rado Watches

A watch by Rado is the perfect way to show the woman you love that she is the one for you. They make high class and exquisite timepieces that will perfectly express the way you truly feel about the lady in your life.

The Rado company is a luxury watch manufacturer that is based out of the heart of watch country, Switzerland. They are probably best known for making their timepieces out of scratch-proof materials. Every year they make about a half a million watches. They sell their timepieces in more than 150 countries.

The Rado watch is most popular in countries like Japan, Germany, Italy, and of course the United States. The company was founded originally in 1917 and made only the inner watch movements. Back then they went by the name of Schlup & Co. In 1957, however, they decided they could design the whole watch just as well. That was when they decided to release their own line of quality wristwatches. That was when Rado was officially formed.

Today Rado is known throughout the world for making some of the most incredible and stylish watches that money can buy. Their line for women is sought after and desired by distinguished ladies of all ages. Here are just a few possibilities for Rado watches that will make her day.

Rado Women’s Integral Jubile Swiss Quartz Rectangle Case Ceramic Bracelet Watch

The thing about wristwatches is they are so much more than a way to tell the time. This is especially so when you are talking about watches for women. Any wristwatch by Rado is first and foremost an homage to an art form. Crafting a timepiece that will meticulously count off every second, minute and hour of the day is an incredible achievement. It is such a challenge to produce a watch that works so well, and yet Rado does this each and every day. When you wear a watch from a company of this magnitude you are showing the world not just your sense of style, but how much you appreciate quality craftsmanship.

This particular watch from Rado is more than just a work of art. It is also more than just a way to tell the time. The Rado Women’s Integral Jubile Swiss Quartz Rectangle Case Ceramic Bracelet Watch is a piece of jewelry that will be just as prized to you as your favorite earrings or necklace.

A gorgeous ceramic case houses the black dial of this watch. At 12:00 on the dial you can find the Rado logo proudly displayed. This is covered up by a scratch-resistant crystal, a technology that this company helped to pioneer.

The bracelet on this watch is also made from ceramic and hooks around the wrist with a fold-over clasp. Give the one you adore the gift of an exceptional accessory with the Rado Women’s Integral Jubile Swiss Quartz Rectangle Case Ceramic Bracelet Watch.

Rado Women’s Esenza Swiss Quartz Oval Case Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Watch

Does your special lady friend have a preference for jewelry and clothing that is sleek and stylish rather than big and bulky? If this is the case then you might interest her in the Rado Women’s Esenza Swiss Quartz Oval Case Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Watch.

This is a gorgeous timepiece that is perfect for special occasions and hot nights out on the town. It has a gorgeous oval case that surrounds a navy blue and black dial. The only things featured on this dial are the hour and minute hands and the Rado logo confidently placed just below 12:00. This watch is the epitome of subtle elegance and makes for a fabulous gift.

Coach Patch Work Bag

The word patterned patchwork is more or less defined as “disjoined motifs” where squares of textile are stitched as one using a muddled design to make a sharp interfusion of pleasing shades and colors. Its contrasting jig-saw of shades often makes it look as if it is just like it is a collection of disguised material.

Conventional utilization of the form was previously in quilting, yet it still wasn’t a long time before it was modified for bags. Coach is just one of many designer brand name bags showing off a variety of patchwork styles.

In olden times the patchwork patterning was composed of basic diamonds that had been trimmed with lineal edges to eventually make a continued pattern that developed into the finished design. Nevertheless, over the years the patch work styles have developed into much more embellished fashion items.

The Coach patchwork form is regularly believed to be lodged in the outer reaches of current fashion styles. Regardless of this notion is the concrete fact that Coach patch work has developed into one of the most popular bag forms by Coach.

The conventional view that patch work form bags are a stranger to popular fashion circles held back its movement into the media.

This could have resulted in its deep seated popularity. Because Coach patch work has almost never been deemed to be in-fashion, it will never become out of fashion.

Coach has been a bag brand that’s aspired to define itself as the fairly priced trendy bag brand. So even though Coach is a lot more affordable compared to a lot of other designer brand name handbags, designer quality is definitely well preserved.

This is noticeable in true Coach patch work bags that rest totally flat and won’t crease up with folds.

If you are aiming to discover a phony Coach bag, crumpling is a fault to watch out for as designer-grade patch work styles won’t pucker.

Fascinator or Tiara

The tiara has established itself as the headpiece of choice in the bridal wear paradigm. Who can forget the recent Royal Wedding and the simple but beautiful tiara worn by Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge? But the tiara isn’t just the preserve of the elite; it is a pervasive adornment at Weddings throughout socio-economic strata.

However, from a stylistic perspective, the tiara can be somewhat limiting in form. The tiara is generally designed around a similar group of shapes and often with a crown motif. It is often a simple and safe option – but lacks the originality that many brides seek for their special day.

The bridal fascinator, on the other hand, is less constrained in form. Designs range from small delicate flowers to elaborate headpieces constructed from large feathers, ruffles, quills and swathes of horse hair braid. And, like the tiara, there are many options for crystals, gems and beadwork. Also, with the bridal fascinator, more of a statement can be made through the use of colour. Where the tiara is often limited to more subtle tones, the bridal fascinator can be as extravagant, bold and striking as required.

In some ways the bridal fascinator actually makes the bride’s life easier – where a tiara often necessitates a separate veil (a whole new decision), bridal fascinators often incorporate a veil and hence, remove an item from the voluminous Wedding planner’s checklist.

One option for the diplomatic bride, with a foot in both the traditional and modern camps, would be to wear a tiara for the ceremony and a bridal fascinator for the reception. This may suit the essential nature of these distinct parts of her special day.

There are many options for the bride-to-be when selecting a bridal fascinator. There are relatively inexpensive off-the-shelf items available in the high street and online. For those with less modest budgets, there are creations from well-known Milliners and fashion designers. Another option is to tap into the wide range of skilled artisans in your locality. There are many talented Milliners available who can work with a bride to create something unique that won’t break the bridal bank.

Geneva Platinum Watches

Men’s Geneva Platinum Watches

Set your style with a leather strap watch with contrasting bold white stitching. The strap – available in black, bronze and silver – is embossed with a crocodile design. The case has a color-matching bezel with a decorative tachymeter. The round dial boasts three subdials and luminous silver-tone hour, minute and seconds hands to keep you on schedule. You will find silver-tone Arabic numerals at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. The strap is a generous 9½ inches.

While the watch described above is fun, but fairly conservative, the next watch is anything but conservative. The chronograph rhinestone bracelet watch for men, which comes in silver or black, is for the man who likes some bling around his wrist. The square dial, the bezel and the top of the silver bracelet are covered in Czech rhinestones that really pop. The watch dial features three subdials, as well as stylized silver-tone Arabic numerals at all hour positions except 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. You also get luminous silver-tone hour and minute hands, as well as a silver-tone seconds hand. It operates on a Japanese quartz movement. The bracelet is 9½ inches and the case measures 43mm.

In between conservative and bling are Geneva Platinum’s fashion forward watches, like the Three Dial Strap Watch for men. Yes, that’s right. One watch features three separate dials. You can set the larger dial on the top for your home time zone and set the two smaller dials for other time zones. Or keep them all the same and just enjoy the attention this watch is going to attract. It features a rectangular metal case that houses the three dials. The top dial has a silver colored dial with silver stylized numbers. The second and third dials rest side by side underneath the top dial. One face is black with silver stick index markers, and the other face is royal blue with silver Roman numerals and black hands. The watch is set off with a 9-inch simulated black leather strap. One online reviewer raved about this watch, saying, “Working at a hotel, I experience guests from all over the world, so to have the time on hand is always necessary. The face is dominant and draws the eye. If you set it correctly, the second hands can work together and give an amazing show. It’s shiny and flashy and just how I like it.”

Women’s Geneva Platinum Watches

This fabulous watch company has obviously had just as much fun designing watches for its female clientele. The Geneva Platinum watches for women run the gamut from brightly colored silicone watches to rhinestone-covered cases to beautiful charm bracelets. Here’s a little of each:

Add some color with a Rhinestone-accented lime green silicone strap watch. It’s hard to decide which is brighter – the lime green band and matching dial or the two rows of round cut Czech rhinestones that encircle the bezel. This fashionable watch features Japanese quartz movement. The 10-inch strap closes with a buckle in the back. For fun, buy the same watch in several bright versions of yellow, orange, pink, black or white.

Want to keep the color to a minimum? Consider the Geneva Platinum rhinestone detail women’s watch that comes with either a black simulated leather strap to match the black face – or a white strap to match the white face. Both models feature a rectangular dial with rhinestone accents. The dial has silver-tone hands and index markers. The strap measures 9½ inches and it closes with a buckle.

For really lady-like look, check out Geneva Platinum’s two different charm bracelet watches.

The first is a metal snake bracelet adorned with 10 round charms decorated with Czech rhinestones. The matching round case is centered between the charms and has a matching decorated bezel. The white dial has Arabic numbers at all hour positions. The 8½-inch bracelet closes with a large toggle clasp. You have a choice of silver-tone, gold-tone or two-tone bracelet.

The other bracelet watch has dangling charms, rows of pearls and crystal drops that hang from the link bracelet. The Mother-of-Pearl dial, surrounded by rhinestones, hangs like another charm from the bracelet. It has Arabic numerals at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 and matching hands. It comes in either gold-tone or silver-tone.

Go Green Bags

Go green cotton bags are competent enough to provide stupendous benefits to the environment as well as to the humankind. These bags can simply brawl the effects of poly bag usages & greenhouse gasses, which is perfect with the options of plastic bags over our nature. These plastic bags have not only chocked our environment from its progress but also served many other disadvantages like serving it with diseases, polluting the water and air bodies as well leading to the death of animals, plants and deserting the earthly atmosphere.

Today, with such disadvantages of these plastic bags, people are looking for the appropriate applications which can easily avoid the effects of pollution as well as support the humankind with comfortable bags, uniquely designed and are apt enough to match up the latest trends and comforting our lives. Well, all such benefits are comprised with the use of organic bags made of cotton that are produced by bags manufacturers.

Cotton bags manufacturers produce these organic bags with unique perfection of style and comfort so to ensure the satisfaction of its customers; options which strongly assist the benefits in trendy styles at ‘wow-so’ affordable prices. They are unique with comfort, typical in style and fresher to serve the nature with perfect benefits than compared with the disadvantaging plastic bags in our lives. With such perfection, people are moving their interests from the plastic bags to the cotton bags in order to measure such benefits with their lives, freshens the environment from pollution effects and gift a better tomorrow to its newer or coming generations. Let us find the unique and fine three advantages served by these bags:

  • Organic approach: Cotton bags manufacturers are producing high quality cotton bags for its customers which work organic approaches to their lives. They are supreme to use up as daily bags, occasional bags and even carrier bags with our lives which mean we can use the same as all-purpose bags to serve any of the necessities of our lives. Wherein, you can carry your food without any of the side effects or chemical reactions available to destroy its food value. So, it is just perfect enough with the approach of its applications.
  • Uniquely designed: Organic bags produced are unique with designs and superior enough with the perfection to match our daily day to day lives. These bags are competent enough to please and attract our love for the latest trends in order to remain fashionable with our lives.
  • Affordable price ranges: These designer and regular use cotton bags produced are superior in style, comfort and are tremendously affordable to use up with any of the necessities in our lives.

At last, it can be said that these bags are easy enough to furnish our necessities as well benefiting it in almost all dimensions.

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Many Styles of Bags

When people picture a hand accessory, the first thing that comes to mind is the most standard designs such as a tote, satchel or messenger. These are all medium to large and will be most commonly used. A tote is open without a clasp or the ability to close at the top. They can be seen as unsafe to use as you could easily have items stolen. However, they are mainly popular for students to use when carrying files and books. In this case, the worry of theft would not really be a problem.

Smaller bags are usually used as an accessory on an evening and these are called ‘clutch’ and ‘baguette’. I personally thought a baguette was a stick of French bread but it is also a small, narrow purse which resembles the shape of such classic bread. A clutch does not have handles and is simply held in your hands. They are great for carrying around a few essential items but can become quite annoying if you have do not have a safe place to lay them down.

One item which is mainly used as a hand warmer is muffs. I did not realise that this was classed as a bag. These are warm usually made of faux fur or wool. They have a compartment which can be unzipped in order to place your hands inside. This is a great option to keep your hands warm and will give you a different look to wearing gloves or mittens.

Many bags have been inspired by certain professions, hobbies or even just named after similar shaped items. Some of the most well-known professions include doctors. Hobbies and items such as bowling and barrel have inspired unique and quirky bags. The doctor style has been modelled after a Victorian type which was used for making house calls. These are still used by doctors and other professional business people rather than an everyday fashion bag.

No matter what you need a handbag for, whether for night or day, business or fashion, a night out or shopping, you will be able to find a size and style that will hold all of the items you need.

Way to Wear Color

The other day when my mom and I were shopping, we were both drawn to a dramatic combination of fuchsia pants with a bright green top. It was unexpected, yet oh so right! Yet in talking with women, I realize wearing this much color – especially colors this bold – can be intimidating. But the great news is that it can be easy to dip your toe into the season’s best and brightest hues without flinching. Here are my best tips to help you wear color with confidence:

  • Start small – While bold color combinations can be exciting, if you’re not used to wearing color its best to ease into it. Try one eye-popping piece paired with your neutrals, or add some bright accessories to your black and see how fun it can be to bring color into your wardrobe!
  • Wear Your Best – Of course I’m going to tell you that you can’t just wear any color. You want to wear colors that look best on you. Choose a couple of your best brights and put them together in new ways for a fun twist on an old favorite.
  • What’s Unexpected? – I encourage you to ask yourself this question when pairing colors. This will invite you to put things together in new and different ways, creating a fresh look and making you feel as if you have a whole new wardrobe, whether you do or not!
  • Mix it Up – When assessing your wardrobe for spring, it’s great to have plenty of core items in your best neutrals. However, mix it up by adding in a pair of cobalt pants, a bright yellow trench coat or an eye popping handbag that makes a statement.
  • Go Easy – While mixing and matching can be wonderful, a little bit of bright color goes a long way. Pay attention to the colors you’re wearing and be sure they don’t wear you!

Dry Bags

On first glance most dry bags look quite similar. Don’t be fooled, there is a very good reason one bag costs twice as much as another. Dry bag quality and craftsmanship vary considerably. First and foremost, consider how your going to use this bag. Is it for a day trip on a flat-water river or are you about to embark on an epic two-week adventure down the Grand Canyon? While an inexpensive no-name dry bag will probably suffice for a quick hit on your local lake or river, I would hesitate before I relied on it to keep my clothes dry and camera protected on a long river trip with more severe soaking potential. Optimists abound in the outdoor industry. In a perfect world, it never rains while we are camping and the boat never flips over… Right?… Wrong! Be a realist. Mother nature is known for throwing curve-balls, weatherman are wrong and boatman flip boats. That’s the adventure!

I also look at the material the bag is constructed from. A lot of times the no-name brands will simply coat the inside of the bag with a waterproof film. When I examine the inside of the bag closely, I almost always find tiny spots where the waterproofing spray didn’t adhere properly to the base material. These spots look like tiny blisters, a small air pocket trapped between the base material and the coating. These air-pockets spell the end. As the material ages and dries out, the blister cracks open and the coating starts to peel. As a rookie boatman with no extra cash, I was buying the least expensive dry bags I could find. I have thoroughly trashed plenty of these cheaper bags just by using them as they were intended. They worked OK, for a while but they failed prematurely. It wasn’t long, maybe a month, before I could easily peel the waterproof coating off the base material. It flakes off like old paint. All that’s left is a bag that is as waterproof as a cotton army duffel.

An example of a quality brand is Watershed or NRS. Watershed layers their material with waterproofing agents that permeate the material and will never separate from the mother material. NRS uses PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride… for you scientific types). Durable and easily folded, Watershed and NRS dry bags are the standard among the professional river running community.

Next, look at how the bag closes. Generally, there are two types of closures; the roll down style and the press together zip-lock style. Most dry-bags utilize the roll down style where the owner fills the bag, pushes the extra air out of the bag, then rolls the bag from the top down until pressed against the contents. Then, the edges are buckled to the buckles sewn to the side of the bag. This is a proven and effective method for securing your dry-bag and, if done properly, works very well. The other style is essentially a burly over sized rubber zip-lock style closure. The top edges of the bag are pressed together ( just as you would do with a zip-lock plastic bag) to make a water tight seal. Watershed is the undeniable master at this type of closure.

Finally, I consider how a dry bag is constructed. Look at how many different pieces of material were used to make the design and how were these pieces attach together. The fewer pieces the better. More pieces means more seams and seams are a weak point. Are the seams stitched or welded? Quality dry bags have welded seams, meaning where the fabric pieces meet at the edges they are welded together with heat not stitched or glued. Stitching falls short by allowing water to find its way through the minuscule stitches. Glues tend to fail after time. Blame excessive heat and moisture. Welded seams are the way to go.

I have pulled many different brand dry bags from the underside of a flipped raft. The moment of truth comes when folks start rummaging through their dry bag to see if it passed the ultimate test; total submersion in violent water. Watershed and NRS brand bags usually do. That’s not to say there aren’t other lesser known but quality brands on the market. The outdoor industry is growing and new dry bag companies are getting in on the action all the time. Take the time to look closely at how it’s made, how it closes and what it is made of. If you can’t tell, ask the folks working the store. They should be able to steer you in the right direction. The bottom line is… choose wisely. There is a lot to be said for keeping your stuff dry!