Care for Suede Shoes

The worst enemy of suede shoes is, without a doubt, water. Water can stain suede easily, and in the case of coloured fabrics it can be a permanent mark that makes the shoes worthless. This makes it a challenging fabric if you live somewhere where rain is common. To protect your new shoes you can buy suede protector sprays or creams from most shoe stores and even supermarkets. Those sprays are silicon based products that give your suede boots a degree of protection against water splashes. Keep in mind, though, that they won’t clean already stained fabrics, and most definitely they won’t make your new boots waterproof. Apply it on a well-ventilated place and leave it to dry overnight, as excess heat from a hairdryer or a radiator can also damage the shoes.

After applying the suede protection, your boots should be safe from watermarks but that doesn’t mean you can wear them on the snow or to walk under the rain. If your water dries on your suede boots you may be able to use a special suede brush to get it back to looking almost new. Those brushes are made of brass or steel, and you need to use them to brush carefully against the grain of the suede until the nap is restored. However, this won’t remove big watermarks, so prevention is definitely your best friend if you want to keep your suede boots looking new.

Suede boots come in a variety of colours, but those dyes are only surface deep. This means that using harsh chemicals or even shoe cleaning products that work with normal shoes is out of the question. If you find yourself with grease stain on your suede shoes, your best bet is to have them professionally cleaner. If you don’t want to spend money you may be able to buy an off-the-shelf dry cleaning product for suede from your local shoe store, but doing that to brightly coloured suede shoes can make the colour fade or become uneven. Do not try to clean suede boots with the same wet cleaning methods that you’d use for smooth leather, as suede needs to stay dry. If suede gets wet it will crack and become damaged. At most you can hold the shoes above a vapour source, like a boiling pan, and brush right afterwards with a suede brush in order to remove surface dirt, but by no means allow it to become wet.

Canvas Duffle Bags

  • Laundry – Yes, dorms have laundry facilities. No, your son or daughter will not use them. Dorm laundry rooms are not popular hang outs and your student will likely prefer stuffing a semester’s worth of dirty laundry into a bag and coming home. Duffles will last all four years of college and beyond. They are made to military standards, which means tough fabric and reinforced stitching. Not to mention they have a ton of room for storage.
  • Luggage – Of course a college student tends to lead a nomadic life and this makes the duffle a great choice. The bags come in a variety of sizes including jumbo bags that have two shoulder straps. These bags can be loaded up and then when they are emptied they conveniently collapse down to next to nothing, perfect for the cramped dorm room or apartment.
  • Backpacks and Messenger bags – The traditional name, Duffle Bag, came from the name for the sturdy fabric used for these bags and in the early days these bags were all of the long cylindrical style. Today, the word duffle can apply to many different styles of bags and can come in smaller sizes that are cool and convenient for walking to class.

Army style backpacks and messenger bags are a popular variation of canvas duffle bags. Backpacks have two straps that fit over the shoulder and messenger bags have one longer strap. Messenger style bags have grown in popularity and you know see them in every town from Hollywood to New York and everywhere in between.

About Androgyny in Fashion

In fashion, some of the most well-known supermodels are androgynous in appearance. Something about these females in women’s clothing captures the eyes of designers such as, Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Hermes. Omahyra Mota is a Santo Domingo born model that has become a face ascribed with androgyny. She stands at 5’9”, and wears a slim size four dress. At 16 years old she was named one of Paper magazines 60 most beautiful people. She’s appeared in over 20 fashion shows, 3 movies, and one music video for the famed rapper Jay-Z. Mota’s chic punk look is not just her appearance; she also performs with her rock band OMI. Her androgynous appearance has garnered Mota a huge amount of success.

Men can also be androgynous in fashion as well. They can toe the line between masculinity and femininity just like women. One such androgynous male model is Marcel Castenmiller. He started modeling as the face of Kenzo, a French fashion line. He has since starred in the fashion campaigns of such designers as Gucci, Versace, Benetton, and Sandro. He has walked the runway in nothing less than Hermes, Burberry, Paul Smith, and Demeulemeester. His lithe body frame, long hair, and androgynous features have truly captivated fashion.

In the late 90s, Calvin and Kelly Klein were in search of an androgynous face to lead their new fragrance CK One. While saddling her motorcycle, Jenny Shimizu was approached by a casting director who then introduced her to the Klein’s. The instant they saw Shimizu, she was given the offer to be their campaign leader. From the, she has become the face of Banana Republic’s American Beauty campaign. She has walked the catwalk for such designers as, Prada, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan, Levi’s, J.Crew etc. She was named one of the UK’s 100 Sex Symbols, and E Televisions Sexiest Top Models. Shimizu is a force in fashion.

Androgyny isn’t a new fad, or a youth generation bi-product. Androgyny was a huge part of the first civilizations of Greece, and even for our wig wearing forefathers. It seems society gravitates towards what is unique and beautiful.

Cheetah Print Bedding

Animal prints have been a well-known style for a long time, for a lot of reasons. For one, they are usually high-priced and regarded as exotic; for this reason they are an image of wealth and status. Throughout history, kings and other important people have used animal print rugs and other furs as a sign of position, just as stuffed animals are held as trophies. Animal print became loved by females in the United States in the late 1960s, for the duration of the Bohemian movement, and hence it is often associated with retro themed rooms.

It could be said that a kid’s bed room is the most challenging area in a home to design. The bed is the main attribute in the bedroom and choosing it can be incredibly demanding specifically because you have to think about a range of factors. The major factors to take into account when picking a bed are as follows: comfort; safety; cost; with the most crucial element being the type of bedding.

The right children’s bedding can genuinely set the tone for your children’s rooms. Themed character bedding can be a popular option with kids; nonetheless it rapidly goes out of date, and so may require regular replacement. Cheetah Print Bedding can be a superb solution to defeat this. By choosing Cheetah Print Bedding for your kid’s bedroom the possibilities are endless.

Whatever design you choose for your kid’s room, no matter what age they are, no doubt they will want their place redecorated in no time. By picking Cheetah Print Bedding this shouldn’t be an issue because a room can be entirely re-designed around it.

Lacoste Bags

During his athletic career, he designed a tennis shirt that had a crocodile logo on the left chest of Lacoste polos, which became such a big hit. In fact, the crocodile logo is popularly considered to be the first appearance of a designer logo on a clothing item.

The brand started the clothing line in 1933, which has since then expanded from just about everything ranging from lingerie, bags to accessories and has even entered haute couture.

The products are popular among the elite class, but these are also being sported by many in the low and middle income brackets. These are also widely available in many vintage stores and thrift shops as well. Bags, in particular, match well with pleated skirts and sweater vests, which can create a refined and sophisticated look.

The bags mostly have an athletic design and are also reasonably priced, which go for low hundreds. They are great for people on the go, as well as for sporting and casual events. Popular styles of bags include beach bags, handbags, messengers, shoppers, shoulders bags and totes. Usually made of nylon, polyester and PVC, they spell casual versatility and superior craftsmanship. There are plenty of bag styles that you can choose from. For one, the classic Boston tote is great to bring with you on your weekend trip, giving you enough space and protection for all your essentials. It features a single interior pocket and a PVC lined exterior that can endure rain and other liquids.

On the other hand, the Vertical Shopper is perfect to carry around when shopping at the mall or on casual days. Look smart and chic with the very affordable Summer Croc Messenger bag. This bag is made of cotton and is great for college students who are strapped for cash and time.

Meanwhile, the polyester Boston pique bag is ideal for girls who want to look ultra-feminine with its flirty yellow color and great for casual days. Anyone sporting this bag will surely get noticed with its striking yellow color. Lacoste bags are available in many chic department stores like Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks. True enough, you can’t go wrong with Lacoste bags. Whatever your style and personality is, these designer bags can give you the form, function and fashion that you need.

Casio Watches for Teens

Despite the company’s age, however, it is still known today for making amazing products that continue to rocket this company into the future. Every teenager today knows they always want to have the next newest thing. The designers at Casio know this and that is why they make products that are always one step ahead of the competition.

In the beginning Casio was best known for producing some of the world’s first calculators. As the years went by Casio began to move into the business of electronic instruments. Today they are still renowned the world over for their incredible Casio keyboards.

In the 1980s Casio also moved into producing high quality wristwatches. Today they still make fashionable and functional wristwatches that are perfect for people of all ages.

Casio now has moved even beyond all of these products and makes products of the future. These include high quality digital cameras and the cell phones of tomorrow. But with these new innovations Casio still strives to produce wristwatches that appeal to teens and adults alike. Here are a few examples of Casio watches that the younger generation will love.

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Special Edition Go-Green Solar Quartz Digital Rubber Strap Watch

One of the features Casio is most known for is bright and exciting color patterns on their watches. And what better way to stylize your look than with a colorful watch that also sends an inspiring message? Show off both your sense of style and your commitment to the environment with the Casio Men’s Pathfinder Special Edition Go-Green Solar Quartz Digital Rubber Strap Watch.

This timepiece is all about going green, not just in looks but also in action. The figurative “green” aspect of this watch refers to the solar powered Pathfinder technology. This uses a solar power cell that collects both direct and indirect light. That means you don’t have to be standing right out in the sun to power this timepiece.

The solar cell in this watch powers a rechargeable battery, which then operates the reliable quartz movement. If you are away from a light source for an extended period of time (like if you’ve kept the watch in a drawer for a while) it will go into power save mode.

Another green feature of this watch is the long lasting battery. Of course it recharges so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one any time soon, but batteries still wear out even if they are rechargeable. The nice thing about this battery, however, is that it will last for about 20 to 30 years!

As far as the aesthetic features of this watch go, it is most easily recognized by its bright green rubber case. It also has a mix of green and silver-tone function pushers to add contrast to the case. The auto EL backlit dial is protected by a hard mineral crystal, and it features a wide range of convenient functions. These include things like a power reserve bar, an alarm, a function for dual time zones, a countdown timer, a chronograph, and indications of the day, week, and month.

Amazingly, that isn’t all of the features of this incredible little watch. It even has a barometer, an altimeter, a digital compass, and even a thermometer! This watch isn’t just green; it is an incredible technological leap into the future. Strap yourself into a vision of a better tomorrow with the Pathfinder Go-Green Edition.

Casio Women’s Runner Series Digital Quartz Multifunction Green Rubber Strap Watch

In today’s modern age many teens might think they don’t need a wristwatch because they can just look at their cell phone. But joggers know it is much easier to have a watch on their wrist to keep track of not just the time, but all sorts of other measurements while out for a jog.

The Runner Series by Casio designs watches that aren’t just great for a jog, but look fashionable and cool as well. This particular timepiece has all sorts of functions that will benefit runners and non-runners alike. One of the first features that runners might enjoy is a countdown timer. You can set this for times ranging from one minute for a quick spring to 100 hours for an epic marathon. It also has a 1/100 second stopwatch, pace signal, measuring capacity, memory capacity, and is pre-programmed with a full calendar all the way to the year 2039.

Lucky Leather Bags

  • Messenger Style Bags – Messenger bags this year (and last) have become quite popular due to their convenience in carrying large numbers of even heavy items. The Lucky Brand leather lineup includes some messenger bags that are to die for! Gorgeous layering with different patterns and colors to choose from.
  • Patchwork Bags – One of the things that Lucky Brand is known best for is their ability to put together patchwork to make some of the most gorgeous designs ever! These bags range from simpler square patchwork to rather elaborate, ornamented (and always colorful) designs.
  • Hobo Bags – The lineup of hobo bags is rather extensive in the collection and it was hard to make a choice on a favorite for this group. The leather hobo bags available generally speaking have gorgeous leather, lots of different and unique designs and are some of the most useful bags due to their adequate space and organizational features.
  • Stash Bags – Here is another group of bags that has made Lucky Brand Leather handbags some of the favorites for women. The “Stash” bags have pockets outside and in to make organizing a breeze – some having embossed leather, some smooth. All of them (in my opinion) are quite lovely.

If you’re on the lookout for a great Leather Lucky bag, the above list should give you a good idea of at least a starting point on where to look!

Ultimate Women’s Spring Wardrobe


When it comes to outerwear, invest in a quality garment that will see you through both spring and autumn. A style that never seems to go out of fashion is the classic trench coat. Formal enough for work yet casual enough for weekends, it’s a great, transitional piece of clothing that looks equally good with skirts and trousers. Modern styles play on the classic shape with asymmetric cuts, bold button detailing and visible seams, among other features. Choose a practical colour like dark red, green or blue instead of the Burberry-inspired beige.


Weather in spring is really hard to predict so layering is key. Some days, if the sun is high in the sky, you might even want to strip down to a T-shirt so ensure you have a good few classic T-shirts in various, versatile shades to see you through the season. Opt for light pastel tones and white, as well as some bolder colour hues. Choose both fitted and loose-fitting tees so you have a selection depending on the occasion. Fitted are generally more accepted in a business environment, whereas during weekends you’re likely to find loose ones more comfortable.

For an extra layer, invest in some cardigans that are particularly practical thanks to their buttons or zips that act as a built-in temperature control. It may sound odd, but check the menswear section. Oversized cardigans are bang on trend and really comfortable. Look out for patterned cardigans to add a bit of pizazz to your look, or at least seek out some pieces with fancy buttons or ribbon detailing.


An excellent dress style for spring is the wrap dress that’s fitted on the top yet loose at the bottom. It can be worn with or without tights if bought in an appropriate length. The shape is flattering on most body shapes, particularly top-heavy women. Most versions are perfectly suited for work and are comfy enough to be worn at weekends. The piece can be teamed with accessories for formal occasions or after-work drinks.

For a classic French look, choose black or navy blue tones. Modern dresses are also available in patterns and a whole host of fabrics, including silk. Look out for animal prints to really stand out from the crowd.


Every woman needs a trusty pair of jeans to see her through the season. Most companies now accept jeans as smart casual, provided they’re not of the ripped, boyfriend fit or grunge-inspired kind. The most versatile style is certainly the skinny fit jean that’s flattering worn on most figures. Its simplicity means it can be worn for both informal and smart casual occasions. Team a pair with sexy heels, a low-cut top and accessories, and you’re certainly fit for an evening out. Women’s skinny jeans with a bit of stretch are also great for mucking around in with your friends or family. If worn in a dark tone, they conceal stains.

Snapback Caps

For one, this can be worn by both men and women. A lot of people don’t realize this, and thus don’t take the time to even consider this and how they might be effective. That said, since both men and women can wear these caps, they are quite versatile and should always be considered by those who are looking for a new hat.

This tend to be worn in casual environments. Those who spend a lot of time in formal situations, then, may want to avoid adding snapback caps to their wardrobe. That said, just about everyone finds themselves in a casual environment at one point or another, which means it’s often possible to incorporate this into an ensemble with little to no effort.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. A lot of people think these types of caps may be outside of their budget, but this is truly not the case. In fact, you can typically find snapback caps for a song by simply browsing the bargain bin at your favorite hat store.

Another great thing about this is that they can typically be found used at vintage thrift stores. This will allow you the opportunity to find the perfect cap while still saving a great deal of money in the process. If money is an issue for you, you can get quite a bit of mileage out of a simple visit to a thrift store.

You can wear this with practically any colors. Many people worry about clashing, which can truly be a problem in certain ensembles. Most of it are neutral in color, however, which means you should be able to wear them with practically any colors. The more colorful you can make your appearance, the more effective your ensemble will be.

If sizing is something that makes you nervous, you’ll be happy to know that most snapback caps are actually one size fits all. What this means is that you won’t have to consider size as being a factor, meaning you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect cap without having to worry about whether or not it will fit.

Superga Shoes

These shoes are made for comfort and style. They have the comfort of tennis shoes but with the style most of those lack. Superga is a company that has been around for over 100 years so they really know their stuff. They have made it their mission to provide high quality shoes, and you can tell just by looking at them. They have a thick rubber sole which was made with years of use in mind.

The thing I like most about these shoes is that they come in so many colors. I know I’ve had trouble when I find a shoe I really like, but the color just isn’t right for me. All I can think is, “If only it came in another color. I’d buy it in an instant!” That’s what’s so amazing about these shoes. Not only do they come in every color of the rainbow, including hot pink, pastel yellow, and bright red, but they have patterned fabrics as well. I think these are my favorites because they’re unique and can add that special extra touch to your outfit. If you’re obsessed with polka dots or want some shiny bling, they have one for you.

These shoes are so easy to wear. You can wear them with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute top for that comfy, down-to-earth look, or you can dress them up with a flirty skirt or leggings and a tunic top. They are incredibly versatile shoes. Oh, and did I mention, they’re machine washable? That’s probably the practical side of me coming out, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to toss a pair of shoes into the washing machine and have them come out looking like brand new. It gives them a whole other life.

They are incredibly popular in Italy and Europe and have started to make their way to the United States. They have a growing following that includes some celebrities. The colors and patterns are constantly changing with the seasons, so you won’t have to worry about getting a pattern only to realize that everyone has the exact same one. You’ll always be able to find something that exemplifies your personality and style. You will love these Superga shoes with their embodiment of style and comfort. So why not check them out today?