Animal Print Handbags

One of the very popular frills of today’s women is a Leopard print handbag. Most women with a penchant for fashion consider printing with shades of real black, tan and brown to be top class. A distinct feature of these bags is that you are tempted to pat the synthetic fur.

Handbags with Giraffe print are getting more popular by the day. These have a wild design that looks cozy. It has become quite normal for most manufacturers to design their totes, wallets, satchels and other bags by incorporating giraffe print designs. You will find bags with such designs, a perfect company for any casual or informal occasion. The color scheme of these bags, involving vivid shades of orange, may be a bit loud, but they transmit an unusual oomph to onlookers. These bags are eye catchers because of their color scheme.

Zebra print handbags are not as loud as the leopard and giraffe print varieties. Nonetheless, zebra prints are gaining popularity as animal print handbags. Their typical black-and-white stripes make them qualify as classics. You can frequently find Zebra print on a range of styles of handbags, including, duffel, hobos, totes, clutches and wallets.

Tiger print handbags would certainly give more realistic looks, especially when the print is more detailed. You get this style in an assortment of orange shades. In case of luxury handbags, prints involving inimitable markings, characteristic of white tigers, are getting popular.

Curved patterning using snake print leather are overlaid to get a modern patchwork finish. They come in a rather simple shape, rectangular designs with recessed zipper. The mushroom, tan, and dark-blue shades gel quite well.

An eel skin handbag makes a flawless accessory for any color outfit, as long as it does not look beaten up or aged. Bags made from eel skin are usually pretty durable, but like most other products, tend to fade after prolonged use.

However, regular maintenance ensures its shine for longer periods. Applying a thin coat of colorless shoe wax on the skin, is indeed a very convenient way to ensure its amiable looks for many years.

A Stylish and confident woman would like to use all the six kinds of animal print handbags for informal occasions, though many can be seen with such bags at formal occasions, simply to convey that they are self-assured and stylish.