Baby Hats

First, there are the ever so popular is a crocheted baby beanie. Not only are they warm, but they are cute too. Most people don’t just put a crocheted baby cap on their kids, but the accessorize the hats now too! Adding a bow, ribbons or a flower clip to a crocheted baby hat is really easy to do. You can usually just slip a bow or flower (if attached to a single or double prong alligator clip) right through the weaves of the crochet beanie.

Second, one of the newest trends for all things baby is lace. This even includes hats too! Lace baby hats are oh so adorable, fun, chic, and add that bit of a vintage look and flair. Lace baby hats come in red, hot pink, lavender, black, white and just about any color you can think of. When thinking of a fun, frilly hat to wear for pictures, this is the one I would absolutely recommend.

Last, one of the hottest new trends are animal baby hats. Who doesn’t love a monkey or an owl? Well, now your kids can sport this new fashion too! Owls, monkeys and frogs are popping up in kids clothing, accessories, blankets and more all across the country. Sometimes the owls and monkeys are fun colors like hot pink, black, blues and oranges.

As you can see there are literally a ton of choices for baby hats, and we only covered a few here today. When you factor in all of the colors of the hats, and the bows or flower clips that could easily be added to one, you can have an unlimited supply of cute new hats. Your baby will have a chic hat to match all of their outfits too.