Different Styles of Girls Pajamas

One of the most comfortable baby girl pajamas are the footed one-piece zip-up styles. Another important feature is a snap-up crotch, making it easy to change a baby’s diaper without completely undressing him or her. These pajamas are usually made out of a soft cotton or flannel, depending on the particular season. Other popular fabrics for infant sleepwear are organic cotton and fleece. Another practical style is the sleeping bag style, which is like a nightgown but zips up at the bottom so the baby’s legs will stay covered all night. The best styles for a hot summer are simple short-sleeve rompers. It is important that the outfit be snug enough to stay on, but not too constricting for easy movement.

Toddler girl pajamas are especially cute. The footed one-piece styles also work well for them with the added feature of gripper dots on the bottom of the feet to keep little ones from slipping. There are two-piece pajama sets made out of warm flannel or soft T-shirt fabric. Fabrics can be plain colors or prints with choices ranging from floral to cartoon characters. There are even PJ sets that come with a tutu for the little ballerina. The right pajamas can make bedtime a more enjoyable experience.

Pajamas for girls change as they get older and girls get more discriminating in what they like. From the classic red plaid flannel nightgown popular at Christmas time, to a popular designer-made ruffled gown, girls sleepwear is available in so many styles and colors. Girls also enjoy wearing pajamas with their favorite Disney character embellished on the top or printed all over the set. Some even like to wear one-piece footed girls pajamas to keep cozy and warm on a cold winter night. Many girls like to wear holiday-themed pajamas, especially at Christmas time. It can even be fun for the whole family to have matching pajamas. For those warm summer nights, cotton sleep shorts and a coordinating T-shirt are a very popular choice for girl pjs.

A slumber party or a sleepover is a favorite occasion for many girls. In this case, sleepwear can be considered a form of fashion statement. Girls have a lot of fun choosing just the right pajamas for the party. Although there may not be a lot of sleeping going on, the PJs should be comfortable for pillow fights and other enjoyable games and activities. From newborn to pre-teen, options for girls pjs can be comfortable, stylish and lots of fun.

Abayas With Customized Touch

Abayas and Muslim Dresses

An abaya is a loose-fitting robe worn by Muslim women to cover their regular clothing. It is much like a long traditional cloak designed to cover and protect everything below the shoulder except for the hands and feet. Abayas are worn by Muslim women all over the world today especially in countries and regions that feature a vibrant Muslim community. Although the traditional abaya is black in color, abayas come in a dazzling array of shades, hues, textures, fabric and designs while preserving their original touch and purpose. Conservative interpretations of Islamic Shari’a law dictate that Muslim women ought to wear clothing that covers them entirely which is why abayas are worn as standard attire in many Islamic countries.

Customizing Abayas for discerning Muslim Women

For a garment to fit neatly and comfortably, it needs to be sewn with a sense of finesse and expert craftsmanship. Abayas are no exception. There are many for whom standard, off-the-rack outfits pose no sizing or fitting challenges. But then there are others for whom a perfect fit necessitates a certain level of customization. If you happen to be someone who has always experienced difficulties with standard sizes, tailor-made abayas just might be the right choice for you. Also referred to as “bespoke” clothing in the UK and other countries, it is now possible to order custom-fitted abayas online thanks to the mighty power and potential of the Internet. Here is how it works.

Ordering Custom-fitted Abayas Online

When you visit an e-commerce portal for Islamic clothing which provides customized outfitting services, you have essentially two choices depending on your personal preference and requirements. You can request that the length of your abaya be either reduced or increased once you have chosen and ordered your favorite abaya online. You can further customize your order by adjusting sleeve lengths or ordering an embroidered patch of your choice. Some websites, including ours, will even let you order an abaya from inception in which you select the fabric, color, design and other elegant bells and whistles that fascinate you. Technology such as Skype and webcams have made this possible and while you work with your very own seamstress online, you can even receive assistance with the process of self-measurement. Once your measurements are on file, it is down hill skateboarding all the way and you can come back again and again to custom order your abayas. Things you will need such as sizing charts, measuring instructions and fabric recommendations are all featured prominently on these websites thus making the possibility of owning and wearing your dream abaya a vivid reality.

Cuffed Jeans

For some people it’s jeans. There are numerous jean styles to choose from. Personally, I get a headache thinking of all the possibilities. The styles are abundant and the selection processes can be overwhelming. You could get a slim cut, a boot cut, a regular fit, a loose fit or a tight fit. However, a popular style to wear in today’s fashion culture is the cuffed look.

Both men and women can cuff their jeans. The options for cuffing are boundless. You can roll for simplicity or buy a pre-rolled jean for a more permanent cuff. You should, be aware that pre-rolled jeans can be a little bit more costly. If you’re on a budget, and who isn’t, just buy your favorite jeans long and roll them.

The best candidates for a rolled jean are numerous. You could go with the skinny, the straight-legged or the boyfriend jean. All these cuts work great for rolling. You should beware; flared jeans are not a suitable jean to cuff because of their widened bottoms. The widened bottom produces an awkward look and presents an additional challenge in keeping a firm cuff.

For men, it’s best to keep the cuff low with little to no ankle showing. For women, it’ OK to your cuff your jeans somewhere between the knees and ankles. Should you decide to wear your cuff any higher than the knee, you risk being out of style. A cuff above the knee is really considered a short cut. A good guideline is between 1 and 3 inches on your cuff. This is generally considered acceptable.

If you’re making a purchasing decision, make sure you get a right fit for your body shape and fit. It serves you well to buy clothing that fits you right. You’ll look better and feel better in your clothes. We’ve all seen that person wearing too tight clothes or too baggy clothes. It just doesn’t do justice to the person you are and doesn’t flatter your body to shove yourself into something that doesn’t fit you. It sucks to have your body spilling over your jeans. Know yourself and your fit and you’ll look great.

Ideally, you want to try your jeans on before you buy them. Many online merchants have tools available to help you choose your selections and choices based on your specific body type and dimensions. You can get ideas and go to retail stores and try on your favorite choices for fit. Be sure to bring your favorite shoe, boot or sandal.

I guess, it’s really all about fit and feel. You can spend $40 or $240, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter ultimately is how you feel about what you’re wearing. If they fit right, you like the style, and you’ve adhered to the guidelines above, you can wear a classic and timeless cuffed look.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Some of the most popular adult costumes are Nurse Costumes. They usually cut the hemline way shorter and add petticoats to add to the kitsch factor of these costumes. Some of them come with really low cut necklines but there are others that have flowing lab coats included so that you do not feel too exposed or drafty. Some of these costumes come with pink fishnets and really, what can be more fun than that? Another example of sexy Halloween costumes are the ones that are of sexy vampires and policewomen. Now these vampire and policewomen costumes are hot but they usually give you the option of not showing too much skin although they do tend to be skin tight. Sexy vampire costumes come with capes that you can use to cover up if you feel just a tad bit cold. But if you want a flirtatious Halloween costume that was made for the cold then you can go online and look for Eskimo outfits. Think of a short and form fitting cape with a hood trimmed in faux fur. This is one of the most popular hot Halloween costume ideas that you can find.

If you are into sci-fi do you know that you can also find sexy Halloween costumes that are based on the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time? If you like Star Wars then you can find some skin-tight R2D2 inspired Halloween costumes. You may even dress up as a sexier C3PO if you like the flash of gold. If you are a history buff then why not go for a flirtatious Victorian era gown complete with a bustier? Why not try to don a sexy gladiator costume complete with the helmet and the shield? You can always use the shield to cover up if you think you are too exposed as well. If you do not want to spend money on costumes then you can go as the good old cat burglar and just wear a skin tight black turtleneck with some skin tight black leggings and black trainers and you should be sexy and ready to go. But if you do not mind spending money then you can get great deals on these sexy costumes online.

Taking Care of Woolens

Before washing the woolens, it is important to read what is written on the print slip of the sweater or garment; that is, whether it is to be hand-washed, machine washed or needs to be dry cleaned. In case of dry cleaning, simply find a professional dry cleaner to handle it for you. However, in the case of machine and hand washing, be careful not to damage the fabric.

Machine washing

With machine washing, choose soft cleaning options and shorter cycles and also set the water temperature at low. Add the liquid or powdered detergent specifically for the woolens and mix it thoroughly before adding the garments. Make it a point to flip the clothes inside out before dipping them in the washer. Run shorter cycles and then tumble dry them in the dryer (if permitted). Make sure to dry them in the shade and do not hang them vertically to avoid misshapen woolens.

Hand washing

If hand washing, make sure there is no added force to remove the grime. The brute force used can lead to damage of the woolens and the fibers that can make them rough and scratchy over time. Fill the bucket and use warm water and liquid detergent for washing. Soak the woolens for a few minutes and then gently rub and squeeze them before rinsing them with water. Rinse the clothes once or twice with cold water to remove the soap and then squeeze the water out of them. Dry them horizontally and in the shade as well to avoid damaging the woolens by the harsh sunlight.

Ironing and storing

Not all woolens can be ironed so read the label before choosing to do so. If they can be ironed, then set the iron temperature at a woolen favorable setting. Lay the woolen down and put a thin cloth over it to add some protection for the fiber. Gently iron the garment without being too heavy on it. After ironing, fold the woolens loosely and make sure not to hang them with other clothes. Lay them on the shelf and add moth balls to avoid any damage from insects. Do not restrict air from passing or it will make the woolens smelly over time.

G-Star Jeans

Earmarked as the ‘thing to have’ among many fashion conscious individuals, G-Star Jeans proclaim to offer supreme quality and unique style within every garment. Word of mouth is everything in the fashion industry and no amount of marketing can maintain demand if customer brand perception is lost. This represents a delicate challenge for global fashion brands as they grow.

Rather than follow regular means of advertising such as television, the brand look to preserve market perception through carefully planned associations. These have included endorsements from actress Gemma Arterton and chess player Magnus Carlsen. Question marks do remain however on brand saturation with product available in a large store portfolio including UK fashion chain Republic.

Various styles and finishes are used within the Danish brand’s products, giving the label the ability to respond to changes within High Street fashion. Stores are offered a large selection of jeans to choose from and the company offer stock replenishment to create maximum profit from winning lines.

Competing in the tough fashion industry of today, many other brands are producing similar styles featuring fitted denim. This brings in the element of competitive pricing and quality of garments. With vast experience of changes in trends it seems G-Star are able to focus on quality of design to drive sales. A key ingredient here is the ability to retain customers trust that they are purchasing the latest look.

Further profile is achieved through detailed branding and unique promotional campaigns to keep G-Star moving in the right direction as the organisation continues to grow. With the inclusion of branded buttons and zips, the widely available denim is more likely to justify the hefty price tag in the eyes of the customer.

The G-Star brand has demonstrated good adaptation to changes within fashion on the High Street by releasing their own range of trousers to combat the chino revolution responsible for challenging the domination of denim. Although this move away from jeans is unlikely to last, it does demonstrate the necessary flexibility of the company to follow fashion trends.

When compared to rival brands such as Diesel and Replay, G-Star have chosen a more varied store portfolio, happy to be seen in stores with a lower profile and wider audience. An example of this is the recent move to deal with young fashion chain Bank, who has over sixty stores in the UK. Will such moves result in growth or a loss of image and a decline in turnover? Only time will answer this question and will no doubt prove pivotal to the future of the brand.

Skorts for Women

Skorts are ideal for activity. You can even find examples of runners using skorts as active wear for training and then to run marathons, as featured in Runners World magazine. A skort is light and airy, to make sure they breathe rather effectively, too, they are as cozy as good set of gym shorts.

Skorts can offer the formal look of a nice skirt however with the function of a fantastic, comfortable pair of shorts.

A lot of tennis retailers have started to see just how comfortable these can be, and there appears to be an entirely new line of tennis skorts for women. A Skort for tennis is a great idea, and one that has been used by many professional athletes in tennis for a long time. It is useful to have the security of a pair of shorts when moving and ducking for the ball, Quite a few tennis shorts can be quite small to ensure they won’t impede movement, but this is usually a problem for fashion. Often players have to wear shorts under anyway, having a skort makes this challenge completely vanish and includes the shorts and skirt all-in-one.

Cheerleaders have also begun to start using skorts as the conventional outfit does incorporate a skirt, it is very essential for a cheerleader to have both range of movement but also ensure that there is some form of support underneath and that the apparel stays very tight while they’re being thrown in to the air and performing a routine. A skort can offer security with out hindering their athleticism.

There are also a few good examples of business skorts available on the market, from suppliers like LL bean. These enable a woman to look like she is wearing a very sophisticated business skirt, but having the support of shorts beneath. There’s no need to be concerned about hosiery as you are well protected and comfy in a skort that nobody is able to tell is not a skirt.

To get a more summer look, you can find casual skorts which are produced by companies like The Gap. These skorts resemble something similar to someone sporting a small mini skirt on each side having a slight pleat on each leg. They’re light and airy, and actually emphasize the style. This style of casual pleated skort does not try to look closer to shorts or a skirt, it is it’s own fashion style. If this type of skort for women is viewed as a trend in summer I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. This unique popular fresh fashion craze is both comfortable and stylish, flaunting a woman’s legs while keeping her cool during the hot summer sunshine.

It seems as though the skort is not going away soon.With numerous functions within sports and daily style, skorts for women should go on appearing in today’s styles all over.

About Androgyny in Fashion

In fashion, some of the most well-known supermodels are androgynous in appearance. Something about these females in women’s clothing captures the eyes of designers such as, Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Hermes. Omahyra Mota is a Santo Domingo born model that has become a face ascribed with androgyny. She stands at 5’9”, and wears a slim size four dress. At 16 years old she was named one of Paper magazines 60 most beautiful people. She’s appeared in over 20 fashion shows, 3 movies, and one music video for the famed rapper Jay-Z. Mota’s chic punk look is not just her appearance; she also performs with her rock band OMI. Her androgynous appearance has garnered Mota a huge amount of success.

Men can also be androgynous in fashion as well. They can toe the line between masculinity and femininity just like women. One such androgynous male model is Marcel Castenmiller. He started modeling as the face of Kenzo, a French fashion line. He has since starred in the fashion campaigns of such designers as Gucci, Versace, Benetton, and Sandro. He has walked the runway in nothing less than Hermes, Burberry, Paul Smith, and Demeulemeester. His lithe body frame, long hair, and androgynous features have truly captivated fashion.

In the late 90s, Calvin and Kelly Klein were in search of an androgynous face to lead their new fragrance CK One. While saddling her motorcycle, Jenny Shimizu was approached by a casting director who then introduced her to the Klein’s. The instant they saw Shimizu, she was given the offer to be their campaign leader. From the, she has become the face of Banana Republic’s American Beauty campaign. She has walked the catwalk for such designers as, Prada, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan, Levi’s, J.Crew etc. She was named one of the UK’s 100 Sex Symbols, and E Televisions Sexiest Top Models. Shimizu is a force in fashion.

Androgyny isn’t a new fad, or a youth generation bi-product. Androgyny was a huge part of the first civilizations of Greece, and even for our wig wearing forefathers. It seems society gravitates towards what is unique and beautiful.

Cheetah Print Bedding

Animal prints have been a well-known style for a long time, for a lot of reasons. For one, they are usually high-priced and regarded as exotic; for this reason they are an image of wealth and status. Throughout history, kings and other important people have used animal print rugs and other furs as a sign of position, just as stuffed animals are held as trophies. Animal print became loved by females in the United States in the late 1960s, for the duration of the Bohemian movement, and hence it is often associated with retro themed rooms.

It could be said that a kid’s bed room is the most challenging area in a home to design. The bed is the main attribute in the bedroom and choosing it can be incredibly demanding specifically because you have to think about a range of factors. The major factors to take into account when picking a bed are as follows: comfort; safety; cost; with the most crucial element being the type of bedding.

The right children’s bedding can genuinely set the tone for your children’s rooms. Themed character bedding can be a popular option with kids; nonetheless it rapidly goes out of date, and so may require regular replacement. Cheetah Print Bedding can be a superb solution to defeat this. By choosing Cheetah Print Bedding for your kid’s bedroom the possibilities are endless.

Whatever design you choose for your kid’s room, no matter what age they are, no doubt they will want their place redecorated in no time. By picking Cheetah Print Bedding this shouldn’t be an issue because a room can be entirely re-designed around it.

Ultimate Women’s Spring Wardrobe


When it comes to outerwear, invest in a quality garment that will see you through both spring and autumn. A style that never seems to go out of fashion is the classic trench coat. Formal enough for work yet casual enough for weekends, it’s a great, transitional piece of clothing that looks equally good with skirts and trousers. Modern styles play on the classic shape with asymmetric cuts, bold button detailing and visible seams, among other features. Choose a practical colour like dark red, green or blue instead of the Burberry-inspired beige.


Weather in spring is really hard to predict so layering is key. Some days, if the sun is high in the sky, you might even want to strip down to a T-shirt so ensure you have a good few classic T-shirts in various, versatile shades to see you through the season. Opt for light pastel tones and white, as well as some bolder colour hues. Choose both fitted and loose-fitting tees so you have a selection depending on the occasion. Fitted are generally more accepted in a business environment, whereas during weekends you’re likely to find loose ones more comfortable.

For an extra layer, invest in some cardigans that are particularly practical thanks to their buttons or zips that act as a built-in temperature control. It may sound odd, but check the menswear section. Oversized cardigans are bang on trend and really comfortable. Look out for patterned cardigans to add a bit of pizazz to your look, or at least seek out some pieces with fancy buttons or ribbon detailing.


An excellent dress style for spring is the wrap dress that’s fitted on the top yet loose at the bottom. It can be worn with or without tights if bought in an appropriate length. The shape is flattering on most body shapes, particularly top-heavy women. Most versions are perfectly suited for work and are comfy enough to be worn at weekends. The piece can be teamed with accessories for formal occasions or after-work drinks.

For a classic French look, choose black or navy blue tones. Modern dresses are also available in patterns and a whole host of fabrics, including silk. Look out for animal prints to really stand out from the crowd.


Every woman needs a trusty pair of jeans to see her through the season. Most companies now accept jeans as smart casual, provided they’re not of the ripped, boyfriend fit or grunge-inspired kind. The most versatile style is certainly the skinny fit jean that’s flattering worn on most figures. Its simplicity means it can be worn for both informal and smart casual occasions. Team a pair with sexy heels, a low-cut top and accessories, and you’re certainly fit for an evening out. Women’s skinny jeans with a bit of stretch are also great for mucking around in with your friends or family. If worn in a dark tone, they conceal stains.