Choose Good Dance Shoes

    • Choose perfect size of dance shoes for your feet. Follow the sizing chart and try the size which suits your feet. Make sure not to wear tight shoes to make your feet and toes uncomfortable. Avoid wearing loose shoes as you can lose grip on your leg movements.
    • Choose heels quite suitable for performance. Novice dancers should make use of low heels to learn different steps. Professional dancers should opt for shoes with 2-3 inches while dancing with partner.
    • Choose color which matches your dance outfit. Black color is commonly used; however, shoes in nude and neutral colors have become popular too.
    • Choose material with caution. Leather dance shoes are slippery but sturdy and firm on floor. Shoes with suede soles are perfect for all types of floors, especially, hardwood floors. Its non-slippery base allows dancer the required grip needed on dance floor.
    • Use padding or cushion in front feet or around toes in case shoes have slackened. This will prevent feet from sliding forward.
    • Choose shoes with open toes in case dance involves rapid movements on dance floor. Due to fast moves, body releases a lot of heat, giving rise to sweat which can make feet sticky and slippery. Thus, feet should breathe and receive enough air while dancing.
    • Shoes with close toes are best in case you wish to achieve grip and firmness. The feet and toes will not slide sideways or disturb your moves while dancing.
    • Choose shoes with satin or silk uppers as they look elegant with dance outfits in ballroom dancing.
    • In case you select sandals, make sure the back is strapped and buckled properly to avoid any mishap.

Before purchasing a pair of good dance shoes, it’s best to try them on your feet. Make dance moves with shoes to know if it’s comfortable or not. Once bought, rehearse before the final day performance with your partner wearing new dance shoes. Avoid its use for street or casual purpose.