Conference Bags

Image is only part of what you need to consider when choosing and ordering your conference bags. Budget will necessarily constrain your choices somewhat, but you can reduce the cost in various ways. Those ways may dictate your choices as well. For instance, it’s common for organizations holding conferences to offer sponsorship opportunities to their major constituents. The highest level of sponsorship often include “conference bag sponsor” – a hefty contribution to the conference budget which entitles the giver to have their logo featured prominently on the outside of the conference bag. That means that you’ll want to choose a conference bag style that is compatible with your corporate sponsors logo – or sponsors’ logos, as the case may be.

Conference bags range from simple A4 size envelope folios to elaborate cases with zippered pockets and compartments. The original purpose of the conference bag was to hold information and gifts from conference sponsors and organizers. The contents of the conference bag might have included the schedule for the conference, information on the speakers and presenters, and marketing and promotional items from the sponsors of the conference. That purpose hasn’t changed at all, so you’ll want to be sure that your conference bags are roomy enough to hold the promotional materials that you agree to fill them with.

Among the most popular styles of conference bag is a simple City conference bag. The perfect size for most conference setting, the City bag features both a handle and a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry, as well as internal pockets to hold notebook, pens and other business paraphernalia. This particular style and material offers a great option for budget conscious organizations who don’t want to sacrifice style or utility for cost.

At the high end of the budget chain are conference bags made of high denier polyester, with multiple zippered compartments for business papers and pockets for holding everything from pens and pencils to your iPod and mobile phone.

When you’re planning a conference or event, you’ll find all the information you need on promotional items including carrier bags and conference bags online. There are many companies that have been in the business of supplying promotional products to business for decades, and can answer any questions you have about choosing and ordering the products that you need to market your business.