Cool With Light Summer Clothes

Summer Fabrics

  • All of the summer fabrics are composed of organic materials, usually using plants like cotton or linen. Some of them are man-made while others are a blend of both, natural and man-made.
  • Cotton is a soft, fluffy fibre that grows into a ball around the seed of a cotton plant. It has the characteristics of all the natural fibres. It’s porous which permits the flow of air keeping body temperature lower than usual. It is also said to be durable, surviving the entire depreciation that it can possibly go through. Cotton has been in use for many years going back to the Indus Valley. The material is so porous and light weighted that it’s like to be breathing on its own, keeping the person wearing cool and calm. The drawback of using cotton material is that it wrinkles very easily and apparently it breathes on its own and keeping the calm, it also absorbs a lot of water, which makes it harder to dry than any other fabric.
  • Wicking fabric is a man-made blend of cotton and polyester. Wicking fabric is famous for their ability to draw the moisture away from the body. Wicking polyester is designed to absorb up moisture.
  • Lightweight wool is also used by many, which is actually a winter’s fabric for men’s summer suit. It is mixed with the blend of polyester and is usually famous for its wicking ability. In sports gear, light wool shirts are usually worn.

The rule of wearing light colours only, in summers, is no more the case today. However, light coloured clothes are famous and picked because they deflect the sun’s heat.