Cowgirl Boots

Nowadays, there are actually two basic styles of Cowgirl boots namely the classic or the western style and the roper style. The classic style has a tall boot shaft that is going to at least mid-calf with an angled heel frequently over an inch high. The usual classic style of toe is pointed though there are various toe shapes these days. The roper style, on the other hand, is distinguishable with a short boot shaft which stops above the ankle but before the mid-calf with a very low and squared off “roper” heel which is shaped to the sole of the boot at less than an inch high. This boot style is generally made with rounded toes that go together with style changes. Moreover, it has a lace-up design that often suits better around the ankle and is less likely to slip off. These features are implemented for the safety of the riders.

Cowgirl boots are undeniably suitable for women horse riders who need appropriate and fashionable footwear. Apparently, women have more eye for fashion and choosing the right boots to go with the outfit is utmost important them. Fortunately, these boots can go well with jeans and dresses with the consideration of the colour of the boots. They are preferable to wear because they are cute, durable and comfortable for the feet. Moreover whether for summer or winter, they are suitable to wear. Thus, they can be worn the whole year round making them very useful and advantageous for women to have.

They can be bought from local or online stores. When buying from an online store, it is important to make sure to buy only from a legitimate and reputable store. In that way, you can ensure that your money is spent on a legitimate purchase transaction. These boots are good finds that you can use for a long time when properly cared for. All in all, it is a good decision including these boots in your footwear options.