Creating Outfit

In your wardrobe you know you will have a section of clothing that you wear frequently in your day-to-day life and a section of clothes that have been there for years which you will never wear again. There may also be a section for clothes that you have recently bought but after months still have the price tag intact.

Having staple pieces which you can mix and match is very important as it keeps your sense of style throughout. Mixing up your different tops and bottoms will mean you have more outfits to wear. Just making slight changes to certain things can give an outfit a totally different feel. Even if you wear the exact same top and jeans combination for example, and it is a very basic outfit, you can make it look different every time by changing the jewellery, shoes and bag you wear with it.

Accessories come in all different colours and styles. The most popular colour choices are gold, silver and black. These three colours are commonly paired with outfits and look great. However, if you are daring and really want to add a pop of bold colour, there are a wide range of colourful varieties to choose from. I once used to picture a handbag as an older ladies accessory as they always had a lot of things to carry but today the bag industry is huge and they produce something in every colour and style you could wish for.

Wearing a simple dress and minimal silver jewellery can look lovely for a posh evening meal or wedding party and taking a clutch bag whilst sporting a pair of heels will finish your look off nicely. If you are going for a day look you can wear literally anything from jumpers to t-shirts and jeans to leggings, weather dependent. Rings, earrings and other jewellery can be worn both day and night. For footwear you will generally wear high heels for an evening out as opposed to the day time. Of course some do not, but your feet would thank you if you used this rule! With handbags you may want a simple small messenger style bag or shoulder bag and keep your smaller clutch bags for the evening.

No matter what your style, you will be able to conjure up both day and night looks. You can do this by using existing clothes in your wardrobe. You may even want to try on some of the clothes with price tags still attached! Mix and match your various items to see what unique outfits are formed.