Cuffed Jeans

For some people it’s jeans. There are numerous jean styles to choose from. Personally, I get a headache thinking of all the possibilities. The styles are abundant and the selection processes can be overwhelming. You could get a slim cut, a boot cut, a regular fit, a loose fit or a tight fit. However, a popular style to wear in today’s fashion culture is the cuffed look.

Both men and women can cuff their jeans. The options for cuffing are boundless. You can roll for simplicity or buy a pre-rolled jean for a more permanent cuff. You should, be aware that pre-rolled jeans can be a little bit more costly. If you’re on a budget, and who isn’t, just buy your favorite jeans long and roll them.

The best candidates for a rolled jean are numerous. You could go with the skinny, the straight-legged or the boyfriend jean. All these cuts work great for rolling. You should beware; flared jeans are not a suitable jean to cuff because of their widened bottoms. The widened bottom produces an awkward look and presents an additional challenge in keeping a firm cuff.

For men, it’s best to keep the cuff low with little to no ankle showing. For women, it’ OK to your cuff your jeans somewhere between the knees and ankles. Should you decide to wear your cuff any higher than the knee, you risk being out of style. A cuff above the knee is really considered a short cut. A good guideline is between 1 and 3 inches on your cuff. This is generally considered acceptable.

If you’re making a purchasing decision, make sure you get a right fit for your body shape and fit. It serves you well to buy clothing that fits you right. You’ll look better and feel better in your clothes. We’ve all seen that person wearing too tight clothes or too baggy clothes. It just doesn’t do justice to the person you are and doesn’t flatter your body to shove yourself into something that doesn’t fit you. It sucks to have your body spilling over your jeans. Know yourself and your fit and you’ll look great.

Ideally, you want to try your jeans on before you buy them. Many online merchants have tools available to help you choose your selections and choices based on your specific body type and dimensions. You can get ideas and go to retail stores and try on your favorite choices for fit. Be sure to bring your favorite shoe, boot or sandal.

I guess, it’s really all about fit and feel. You can spend $40 or $240, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter ultimately is how you feel about what you’re wearing. If they fit right, you like the style, and you’ve adhered to the guidelines above, you can wear a classic and timeless cuffed look.