Fabric Party Bags

A fabric party bag makes a wonderful alternative to using plastic bags. Fabric bags are certainly increasing in popularity and not as expensive to buy or make as you might think.

Fabric bags are ideal as they be used over and over again, unlike plastic bags that usually end up tearing. There are many wonderful styles of fabric party bags available these days or you can make your own if you are good at sewing!

You can buy lovely printed fabrics in great children’s designs from floral to animal designs. Another popular fabric to use is unbleached cotton or cotton canvas, ideal to use for an eco-friendly party.

Here are some great ideas of how to create wonderful fabric party bags:

  • Choose a suitable fabric and one that reflects your party theme, so for example if you are having a summer party, go for a bright floral fabric. Plain cotton fabrics are great if you want to decorate them.
  • Decide upon a style for your bag. One of the most popular styles is the Tote shape, which is basically a rectangle or square shape with handles. Drawstring styles are fairly easy to make as well or why not try to make a pencil case or a purse. All of these styles can be filled with party bag toys and treats.
  • You can print on your fabric bags by using transfers which you can buy. It’s just a case of simply ironing them on. There are lots of designs and motifs available. Fabric pens or fabric crayons are a great way to create designs on plain fabric bags.
  • Plain bags are great for children to paint and decorate as part of the party entertainment, especially good if you haven’t got an entertainer and want to keep them amused for a while. Children will love to be able to take home their creations to show off to their parents.
  • Personalise them. You can write a birthday message or simply personalise with each guests name. This makes a wonderful gift and your guests will be most impressed!