Feather Extensions

Popular types of feathers

These feathers come from a specific kind of rooster which is bread for long time. On the back of a rooster, these feathers are present in the form of bunch called the saddles. They are three to sixteen inches long and quite flexible. A single rooster saddle contains 200 to 500 feathers, which varies in length. Thin feathers can be obtained from the neck to the tail of a rooster, called prized feathers. Other popular feathers in hair are peacock feathers, which are available in shades of deep blues, teals and greens. Most of women like to wear light colored feathers for complimenting their real hair color.

How to apply feather extensions?

The application of feathers for hair is quite easy and identical to the regular hair extensions. Hair stylist attaches the colorful feathers using the micro beads, hair clips or metal hooks. A wearer can easily remove the extensions without any difficulty. For obtaining permanent feathers in hair, ask from a professional hair stylist about the extension’s detail.

Easy handling with no intensive care

One of the greatest advantages of feather extension is easy handling. You can shampoo, blow dry, condition, brush, curl and straighten hair feathers easily. Feathers in hair will last in between 6 to 8 weeks. Another plus of feathers for hair is no need of intensive care, as they can be disposed off whenever you want.

Shop online

Feathers for hair are quite popular accessories, which can be purchased from various beauty stores. The best way of quick purchasing is an online shopping. There are a number of online stores, which sell various types of feathers on the most reasonable rates. They have products which differ in length and colors. The lowest prices can be of $16 which will really help you to get the most suitable feathers for hair. Search online with great interest to get the competitive prices. Compare each website with the other, so that you can get the idea of market prices. The advantage of shopping online is the free home delivery, which prevents you from going out when you do not have much time for shopping.