Hard Cases vs Soft-Sided Sleeves

Firstly, the hard-sided cases come with the ability to give a high level of protection from bumps and knocks. Rigid built cases come in many designs and styles, and offer the design appearance of a typical briefcase, but come with an interior fitted out with soft padding to give the desired protection on the go. Although the hard cases offer optimum protection, they aren’t often the most stylish designed choices available on the market. Also, these cases can be quite bulky and heavy to carry once filled with the laptop and accessories.

Soft laptop cases often refers to the sleeves, which come in a wide-range of stylish designs and colors, to give a really modern and attractive way of hauling the laptop from home to work or school. Besides the vibrant colored sleeves these also come in plain colors, which make them perfect for all-types of applications. A laptop sleeve is often made of a soft fabric or rubber-type material, which is designed to snugly hold the computer while traveling. A great advantage to these sleeves is its lightweight nature and this makes them great to carry without the added weight of a full-size case. A negative point for some might be the fact it offers less laptop protection, when compared to its hard-case counterpart.

Another factor to take into consideration when shopping for a laptop case is the way it is carried. For complete ease in toting in laptop around town, the case styled bags come with either a shoulder strap or handle, although some might come with both. On the other hand, the sleeve is essentially just there to protect the computer and doesn’t really come with a handle or other means of holding. Sleeves are often carried in the hand or packed inside another bag, such as a messenger bag or backpack, for ease in transport.

When it comes to deciding on the right type of laptop bag, you really need to look at your individual needs. If frequently commuting to work on a train it often helps to use the hard-sided cases due to the increased convenience in carrying and extra protection. Although, if searching for something that will give general protection or if you already use a backpack, then the laptop sleeve should really be sufficient for your needs.