History of the Boot

A boot is known as a type of footwear which completely covers the foot and ankle; sometimes covering the calf and lower leg. On occasion they will extend past your knee and even all the way up to the hip, but common and popular types are generally below the knee. High-top athletic shoes are not considered boots, although they fit the criteria to be considered in this category. In comparison to a typical style, they do not have a heel whereas many boots have some form.

One of the oldest forms of more stylish boots are cowboy boots; they became the most popular shoe among cowboys in the USA around the 1860’s. They were used for riding horses and day-to-day tasks carried out within such a profession. Traditionally made from cowhide but sometimes more exotic skins such as alligator and buffalo, they proved tough and long-lasting. Today they have less coloured patterns featured and are mainly made from faux leather.

There are many different forms within this category of footwear. Some are specific to certain jobs and hobbies and others hold a practical and fashionable purpose. One specialist style used within a job and hobby is the hip high kind named waders. Anglers use these so they can literally wade through the water to pick up a fish from the waters’ edge or sprinkle bait. These boots can also be insulated but most are not. Another famous type is riding boots which of course are perfect for such a hobby.

Boots rose in popularity and gained more of a following when a famous female singer of the 1960’s began wearing them. They were once seen as a gender specific type of shoe to men but fast became popular with women as they proved both practical and stylish. In the winter time and throughout the rest of the year, climates can become rather cold. Boots are a very popular choice of footwear during these periods. You can even obtain snow boots which were specially designed to insulate your feet keeping them dry and warm when walking through snowy conditions.

No matter what style of boot you choose, they are all designed with a purpose. Some are created in-line with fashion where others provide a more practical use. Either way, products within this industry are ever-growing and evolving meaning there will always be something to suit your tastes and requirements.