How to Wear Cufflinks

A cufflink is fastener and/of clasp, often decorative or ornamental, that are worn on the cuffs of a dress shirt. There are five different shirt styles that can be worn with cufflinks – French, Angle Cut French, Round Corner French, One Button, Angle Cut, and Two Button.

The idea selecting a style of cufflink that adds to your wardrobe – not distracts from your wardrobe. They come in a vast variety of styles, so it really is easy to find a style that fits your personality and is an excellent accessory to express yourself. You can select from a wide variety of cufflinks. You can select from career related (dollar sign cufflinks for the banker), hobby related (golf clubs for the guy that loves golf), engraved with personal initials, numbers, and many more. For the sports fanatics, they can select from sports-themed cufflinks which feature the logo of NFL and MLB teams. When wearing cufflinks, be careful not to wear a style that is too formal for a casual occasion or vice versa.

Cufflinks come with different back closures, so select whichever type of closure easiest for you. The following are the types of cufflink back closures to select from: The bullet back closure is the most common style and many say the easiest to work with. The back of this style is bullet shaped (hence the name) and can be turned and manipulated through the button hole on the cuff and turned to secure the cufflink in place. The fixed backing is a post with a backing that does not move and is aid to difficult to affix. The chain link closure back has both sides joined by a chain and allows for a looser cuff and requires some expertise to affix. The ball return backing is made from gold or silver, allows for a loose cuff, and easy to put on. The whale back closure has a straight post with a solid, flat tail that flips flat to insert and then flips back to secure it in place.

Admittedly putting on cufflinks does require some practice and some people are not even sure how to affix them properly. When putting on the¬†cufflinks, both sides of the cuffs need to be held together without overlapping. Let’s start with the most common style of cufflink, the bullet back closure, and wearing a shirt a one button shirt. First of all, remember, the decorative face of the cufflink should be facing the outside of the shirt so it is more noticeable. Hold the two side of the shirt cuff together make sure they are not overlapping, and line up the holes. Insert the post of the cufflink through the hole on both sides of the cuff and turn the back of the bullet back closure of the cufflink to affix it in place and make it secure.