Israeli Tichel Headscarf

The good things about the Israeli Tichels are that they are very airy and light which makes them a perfect first choice for those deciding to cover their hair due to hair loss, chemo, or religious persuasion. They also make a great fashion accessory. They can be bought in literally hundreds of colors, styles, and sizes and are very versatile in how they can be tied. Plus, they do not cost a lot of money – you can buy a tichel online for under $10 dollars.

And the best part is that they can literally be tied in hundreds of ways – crown style, bun style, tiechel style to mention just a few. You can mix and match short and long tichels, patterened and solid tichels and you can also decorate them once they are on yourr head as you would your own hair; with headbands, scrunchies, clips, etc.

The “cons” of Israeli Tichels are that they are delicate, especially if they contain lurex. Tichels with lurex cannot be machine washed as the lurex will move in the fabric due to the movement of the machine and you will end up with a head scarf that does not look good at all. Also, if the tichel has fringes, they may make washing the tichel difficult as well. Often what women will do is wrap the edges and fringes of the tichel in a plastic bag and seal it with a rubberband before washing the rest of the tichel.

Another disadvantage to the tichel is that the wearer must be good with their hands to tie the tichel in all its fancy styles, though the more you practice the better you get.

As such, when looking to buy a tichel, look at the quality of the tichel you are buying, and the shape. If you have your heart set on tying in the crown style, for example, buy an oblong tichel and it will tie much nicer. Check your wardrobe to see what color family to stick to and once you are comfortable tying them, slowly expand your collection.

Israeli Tichels can become your best friend in your head covering wardrobe! So experiment with them and most of all remember to have fun!