Kooba Ginger Bag

  • Make sure that you keep hold of the tag that was attached to the bag when purchasing. On this you will find clear instructions provided by the manufacturer of this beautiful and unique bag about how to take care of it.
  • If you can afford to spend some money on a cloth lined basket in to which this bag can be stored when not being used. However because of the beautiful styling of the Kooba ginger bag you may find that you are using it on a very regular basis, even on a daily one. The reason for storing it in this way is down to the fact that leather has pores just like our skin and particles and dust in the air which can collect on its surface can then cause damage to it. When storing it in the basket make sure that you place it in a sitting position.
  • When out and about make sure that you don’t hang your bag from any kind of hook, hanger or door knob. If you do this you are causing the material to stretch and this will affect the bags styling. Also if the bag does become stretched actually getting it to return to its original shape becomes very difficult. Again it would be far better to place your bag on your lap in the sitting position. Not only will this stop the material from stretching but prevent it from being scratched by anything on the floor.
  • In order to help your Kooba ginger bag retain its shape when not being used it is a good idea to fill it with tissue paper. But make sure that you don’t fill it with too much just enough to help it retain its shape at all times.