Many Styles of Bags

When people picture a hand accessory, the first thing that comes to mind is the most standard designs such as a tote, satchel or messenger. These are all medium to large and will be most commonly used. A tote is open without a clasp or the ability to close at the top. They can be seen as unsafe to use as you could easily have items stolen. However, they are mainly popular for students to use when carrying files and books. In this case, the worry of theft would not really be a problem.

Smaller bags are usually used as an accessory on an evening and these are called ‘clutch’ and ‘baguette’. I personally thought a baguette was a stick of French bread but it is also a small, narrow purse which resembles the shape of such classic bread. A clutch does not have handles and is simply held in your hands. They are great for carrying around a few essential items but can become quite annoying if you have do not have a safe place to lay them down.

One item which is mainly used as a hand warmer is muffs. I did not realise that this was classed as a bag. These are warm usually made of faux fur or wool. They have a compartment which can be unzipped in order to place your hands inside. This is a great option to keep your hands warm and will give you a different look to wearing gloves or mittens.

Many bags have been inspired by certain professions, hobbies or even just named after similar shaped items. Some of the most well-known professions include doctors. Hobbies and items such as bowling and barrel have inspired unique and quirky bags. The doctor style has been modelled after a Victorian type which was used for making house calls. These are still used by doctors and other professional business people rather than an everyday fashion bag.

No matter what you need a handbag for, whether for night or day, business or fashion, a night out or shopping, you will be able to find a size and style that will hold all of the items you need.