Maxi Dress To Suit You

Flatter your figure

Contrary to what you may think, maxi dresses suit all shapes and sizes, it’s all about dressing to show off your good bits and hide away your bad bits – that’s the key to maxi dress style, and any style!

If you are petite you will need to team your dress with pieces that elongate your height, for example, you could pair a maxi dress with a cropped blazer to lengthen your midriff and with high heels to lengthen your whole body. Petite frames can look great in a dress but you have to be sure to team it with the right items so you don’t look drowned in material!

If you don’t want your tummy to show but want to show off your bust, buy an empire line maxi dress to cover your stomach and emphasise your chest. Empire line dresses are popular on any type figure.

It’s important to remember to try on a variety of styles of maxi, just because one maxi doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try another variation. That would be like trying on one pair of jeans and deciding jeans don’t suit you and never trying another pair again. Maxi dresses come in all sorts of styles and cuts so it’s worth trying a few on until you find one that suits your figure.

Prints or block colours?

Choosing a maxi in a block of colour will allow you to team it with a huge variety of pieces of clothing in different styles. And if you don’t want to go for a print but want to liven up your outfit, you could team your block maxi with bold and bright accessories to give your outfit a bit of oomph.

If you are opting a printed maxi then you can team bold prints with plain cardigans or boyfriend blazers. Printed maxis still have a lot of versatility, and you’ll look fresh and fashionable if you choose a lovely printed maxi for a wedding or special occasion.


The shoes you wear will depend on the type of occasion you are wearing your maxi to and also your figure and what will complement it. A pair of wedges always look great with a maxi for a summer’s day and if you are petite, a high pair of wedges will give you height.