Melie Bianco Handbags


Melie Bianco bags are available in styles from casual cool to urban utilitarian and everything in between. You’ll find the following among their collections:

  • The shoulder bag is great for everyday use and features straps that are sufficiently long to go over the shoulder. Some of these straps are adjustable, which allows you to choose to wear the bag against your waist or hips, or higher. There are various styles of shoulder bags, including hobo style bags.
  • Satchel bags. The satchel bag has handles that are short and that are held in your hand. This is the perfect type of bag for carrying all of your necessities and you will find them in sizes ranging from very small everyday bags to large bags that will accommodate your laptop and other supplies.
  • Evening bags. The evening bag is meant for the special occasion. It can be a clutch bag, which has no strap or features a removable strap and that is therefore “clutched” or held in the hands. Wristlets are another type of evening bag in the Melie Bianco line. These are just large enough to hold a tube of lipstick, a credit card, and some cash. The wristlet or small clutch bag can be used as a wallet as well.

Other Considerations When Purchasing a Melie Bianco Bag

The style of the bag is not the only consideration to be made. When selecting a bag, keep the following in mind:

  • Closures. The closure of the bag is important. Do you want the security of a zipper or do you prefer the ease of access of an open top bag? Do you like snaps o would you prefer a magnetic clasp or drawstring closure? This line has bags with various closures.
  • Materials. From faux leather to satin, choose a fabric that you love when choosing a handbag. Keep in mind that some materials are easier to care for, such as canvas, while others may be more fashionable. Sturdy materials include twill, canvas, and PVC.