Plus-Sized Couture Wedding Gowns

Streamlined Silhouettes

If you don’t exactly have the kind of figure one sees in fashion magazines modelling designer finery, don’t worry – the way to looking fabulous on your big day isn’t starvation or killer workouts! It’s couture wedding gowns with streamlined silhouettes. Many brides may think that the cute fairy-tale princess gowns with puffy sleeves, layers and balloon skirts are better as they can cover those unwanted bulges, but actually, they tend to make big girls look even bigger. Full length dresses specially made to skim, but not hug the body too tightly, preferably in a trapeze shape with not too much volume and bulk, are far better.

Rich But Not Shiny Fabrics

Princess satin, a quite popular wedding dress material, may be a gorgeous fabric, but nothing accentuates bulges more. In fact, even skinny girls tend to look bigger in shiny fabrics as they reflect the light. The great thing about couture wedding gowns is that you can choose fabrics with the precise shade, colour and texture (not to mention price range) that suits you best.

Accentuate the Positive, Downplay the Negative

Because different brides have different shapes, couture wedding gowns can be designed to better flatter each particular body, hiding problem areas and accentuating assets. For instance, top-heavy girls can have their style designed with a wide V-neck to make their neck look longer and the bustline smaller. Embroidery, insets and other detailing can also be used to draw the eyes away from problem areas.

If the waist is the problem, couture wedding gowns can be designed to accentuate either the bustline or the hip area. A dress with diagonal wrapover or waist drapery will be nice as well, as it hangs down to your hips and breaks the width of the midriff. Empire-waist dresses can be good options too.