Prom Accessories and Jewelry

Hair Accessories

It’s not every day you get to shop prom dresses or pull off some of the fantastic hair accessories out there meant for formal occasions. The little something extra from the jeweled hair pins, combs and barrettes can be fabulous accents to a breathtaking dress. You can even match your dress by matching rhinestones or beading.

Hair accessories can also help you take a simpler hair style and make in runway worthy. For those who love to put their hair up in a bun, consider investing in some fashionable and unique hairsticks and clips. There’s a way to let your personal style through no matter what accessory you pick!

Rings and Things

Just like hair accessories, pick something that goes along with your dress. If you’re entirely unsure where to begin, leaf through some fashion magazine and websites to get a taste for what works well together. Don’t be afraid to ask other people’s opinions either! The more opinions you have, the less likely you are to be blinded by love for an accessory that just doesn’t work for you and your designer prom dresses.

And for those tending towards cheap prom dresses, accessories don’t have to be cut out along with being savings savvy! Ask around and see if you can borrow some accessories, or check out vintage clothing store and yard sales in the months approaching prom. There’s a surprising amount of unique and beautiful jewelry that you can nab for cheap. Just remember that if your dress is going to have a lot of detailing, keep your jewelry simple!

For those looking to stand out and be unique, check out a local artisan studio or gallery. These one of a kind pieces can be the special something extra that pulls together the outfit. Not to mention, you also get the benefit of a good accessory you can use for years to come!

Prom Purse

The prom purse can be a mysterious accessory you’re not quite sure about, especially when you have to consider fashion over functionality. Remember there are only a few things you actually need to have on you while at prom. The rest of it can probably stay in your normal purse out in the car!

A good tip to keep your purse in line with your outfit is actually to consider body type first. Tinier and petite women should have a much more discrete purse that won’t detract from your dress or arm. Taller and bigger boned girls can make a statement with the opposite by carrying a larger purse. From there take a look at purses while you shop prom dresses. Often times seeing a purse on your arm while wearing the dress will tell you right off that bat if it’s right for the outfit. Go with your instinct and ask for some opinions to help you decide!