Prom Shoes

Sport High Heel Straps

If you’re going with high heels, get shoes that sport ankle straps. The straps will help to keep your shoe nice and secure so you don’t have any tragic mishaps. There’s no sense losing one of your expensive designer prom shoeson a dance floor if you don’t have to.

Pick to Match

If you’re considering sparkly formal prom dresses, pick sparkly shoes that complement. They’ll look great along with the dress and even out the spread of the ‘bling.’ Or if your homecoming dresses sport rhinestone studs, try and find a pair of shoes that have the same size color and style of rhinestone.

Additionally, if you’re wearing a shiny dress try and find a metallic shoe of similar color instead of regular gold and silver. This will go along better with these kinds of prom dresses and give you a glamorous look.

You can really pump up the put-together style by getting shoes that color match your dress. Many shoe shops online offer dying options, or if you’re adventurous you can try to dye or paint them yourself.

If Plain Be Glamour

For those in more subdued formal prom dresses without the extra glitter and shine, pick out some designer prom shoes with heel to toe beading or shimmer. With a fairly plain dress you can afford to have some shine on your feet for that added punch of sparkle.

Add Some Cushion

Don’t be afraid to add a little extra to your designer prom shoes. Gorgeous as they may be, sometimes those designers don’t consider a ladies delicate feet. You can find a wide assortment of specialty cushion and support inserts for formal shoes. A well placed heel cushion could make all the difference in foot fatigue.

There are also awesome inserts that you can put along the straps or in the back of the heel to prevent slipping and give you another layer of protection from rubbing and blisters.

Even the most elegant of prom dresses and designer prom shoes won’t do you any good if you’re slipping out of shoes or hurling them off because of painful blisters. To give yourself some ideas, check out products from Foot Petals.

Pack a Spare

If you’re worried about making it through the night, invest in some nice flip flops with jewels or beading that will work with those homecoming dresses. They’re often small and lightweight enough that you can fit them in your purse so you can switch out between songs.