Quilted Bag

A quilted bag is most often in the shape of a purse, and has padding on the outside that is stitched to give a quilted look. This is certainly not what the name implies, but it is an attractive look that has gotten very popular over the past couple of years. These styles have grown in style variance and popularity to come in any shape, size, and color to fit the modern woman’s needs.

While this style is mostly considered contemporary and “hip”, the more toned-down variations of these bags can be more conservative. Most of the quilted bag varieties are not so conservatively designed, with large extra-padded looks and bright colors, one looking for the design in a less flashy color or style may have difficulty. It is possible to find them, though those with a little more elegance tend to be more expensive than the large, bright ones.

Most stores that sell women’s clothing and accessories actually carry quilted handbags these days because the style has gotten so popular. In large general department stores, more affordable styles can be found at only a few dollars, while in stores dedicated to these types of products will naturally have a more expensive selection. The amount of styles available in these stores will be much higher as well.

Another great way to find the perfect quilted handbag is through the internet. Most people use internet shopping for gifts for others, books, or electronics — but there are plenty of websites dedicated to selling clothing and accessories as well. Hundreds of apparel stores are on the internet, just waiting to be checked out. The benefits to shopping for the perfect handbag online are that the products will be cheaper, and that there is a much larger selection available to you. The downsides are that comparison shopping online can take some time, and that waiting for what you ordered to arrive can be a drag. It’s a give-take situation, but can be well worth it for savings.

This style does not look to be going out anytime soon. It has only been big on the fashion scene for the past couple of years, so lovers of the quilted bag style can rest assured that it will be commonplace on store shelves for at least a couple more years — but individual lines come and go, so it may be best to snatch up your favorites now rather than later.