Rolling Duffle Bags

Designed with a drawstring at the top to hold the bag shut, it is made of the original canvas but other materials have come into the picture over the years. Today the name duffel bag has become an open term, used to describe any cylinder shaped bag made from a heavy material that is similar to the duffel bag.

If you are an outdoor person, you will find it easy to pack your belongings in one of the sturdy duffel bags. In recent years, the purpose of the duffle bag has been expanded to luggage or carrying sports equipment. This is when the wheeled or rolling duffel bags started to become popular. However, its purpose in the military has always remained the same, with duffel-carrying military men referred to as “ditty bags’ or seabags.

Like surfboard travel bags, once you begin shopping online, you will find a huge assortment of duffle bag styles you never knew existed. Different types can be found including; rolling, expandable, carry-on, upright and lightweight bags just to name a few.

When you think of a duffle bag, the average person thinks of army green at the start. We associate it with its history. But once you begin shopping online, the world opens up to a rainbow of colors and designs that you’ll fall in love with.

Army green has grown up – transformed to brilliant colors of carrel, dark lavender, navy, black, kelly green, hot pink and royal blue. With materials of 1200 denier polyester fabrics, this bag has recessed in-line skate metal ball bearing wheel systems that makes life easy. Available in eight-inch and 21-inch rolling bags, newer products can be easily found online with even more colors, materials, and designs.

There are many advantages when looking for the rolling duffel bag with online shopping. Probably one of the biggest ones is the wide variety of products that are always available no matter when you turn the computer on.

You can shop at 2 am or right after lunch, during the week or weekends, and anywhere there is a computer available – even the public library as long as you have a library card. Extremely flexible with the flick of a switch, sales and discounts can be found through some of the fastest search engines we have seen in a long time.