Satin Shoes

Shoes come in a wide array of designs and colours and some designs look better or are simple more durable when produced with specific materials. For instance, boots that are used during wet weather or where there is a need to be in contact with water are commonly made of rubber or a special kind of plastic. Similarly, most sports shoes are made with breathable materials that allow air to circulate and thus keep the feet cooler for a longer period of time. Office shoes for men are often made with leather to ensure durability as well as for aesthetic reasons. Evening shoes for women can be made from different materials but to add a little ‘oomph’ to the outfit, satin shoes are the answer. They have a glossy sheen to them and can be worn on its own or embellished for an even greater impact.

Canvas shoes are also a good choice for children and even adults as they are durable and very comfortable. They are not meant for wet weather but if they do get wet, they dry quickly, making them very convenient to have. Other materials such as denim are also being used to provide variety to shoes. Plastics have also been used to make shoes and boots and they are quite eye-catching in the myriad colours they can be found in. Fashion has evolved to the extent that almost any material that can be used to produce shoes is utilised. As trends come and go, the material and the colours they can be found in along with the amazing array of embellishments, continue to evolve.

Weddings are another occasion when shoes are an important accessory to the outfits worn by the bridal party especially the bride and bridesmaids. In some social circles, satin shoes are ‘de rigueur’ for these events. Satin shoes complement wedding dresses perfectly and you can even find satin shoes that can be dyed to match the colour of the bride and bridesmaids dresses.

However, it seems that when it comes to evening wear, satin remains the favourite. These shoes can be found from stilettos to court shoes and from light pastel shades to rich shades such as burgundy and emerald green. They can be paired with simple outfits as well as glamorous gowns and they never seem to be out of place!

Every season, variations of the same style as well as some very innovative designs can be found on the runways of fashion shows. These are quickly translated into affordable shoes by the shoe manufacturers for the public in record time. Very often, the materials are different and even the colours may vary but the style is unmistakable. There are many synthetic materials that are used to produce shoes and because of this, shoes are usually quite inexpensive to mass produce. This is the reason why manufacturers can produce and ship the shoes to the retail shops in record time. Since the shoes being sold now to the public are quite reasonable, it makes it possible for anyone to have more than 10-15 pairs of shoes in their shoe collection and still think they need more shoes!