Sexy In Sixty Seconds

First off, you have got to get organized.

This is a must ladies if you want to be out of that door looking oh-so-chic and put-together.

This, of course, takes more than sixty seconds but let’s call this prep work. Arrange your closet(s) so that like colors go with like colors, dresses with dresses, blouses with blouses, bottoms with bottoms…you get the picture. Or, you can also opt to be a little more obsessive about it (assuming you have the closet space for this) and arrange it by, say, season – one closet for spring, summer, winter, and fall. And if you have more time in your hands, you can even go as far as arranging it by type – casuals, dressier versions, party clothes, work outfits each in their own place.

But, really, the main thing to do before anything else, is to re-arrange that closet so you can see both the trees and the forest.

Second, and, here’s where the fun begins, here are a few tips to get you out of that “I have nothing to wear” mindset.

  • Consciously decide on your mood for the day. Despite how crappy you may feel when you wake up, you can decide on what you want your mood to be for the rest of the day and channel it through your clothes. And with a much more streamlined closet, it’s easy to pick out which goes best with your mood. So… feeling a little feral today? Maybe that leopard scarf might be a good start. Pretty soon you’ll see yourself in an outfit that represents a part of you, you might not have otherwise let out before. Isn’t that fun?
  • Pick one “bold” thing to build on. Speaking of a good start, sometimes you’re really just at a loss what to wear. So I say, just pick anything. But not just any old thing or you’ll end up going back to your “favorite default clothes”. Pick one “bold” thing from your closet and build your look around that. It could be a beautiful intricate belt, a shift dress with in an eye-popping color, shoes you wouldn’t otherwise wear during the day. It’ll get your creativity juices flowing and then you’ll find that you’ve thrown together one unique outfit. All because you didn’t go for your comfort clothes
  • Solids work wonders. Woke up an hour after your alarm went off? Yeah, it happens. So on those days, there’s really one way to go that guarantees sexy in sixty seconds. Go for the basics. What basics? A classic black dress, white button down shirt, anything in navy…in other words solid colors work wonders. The secret ingredient? Accessories! With solid colors, you can thrown on just about any accessory to really energize your outfit.