Sheepskin Coats

While many people fear they could never pull off wearing a fur or sheepskin coat, that is exactly why they must. Wearing a fur coat makes you appear more confident. When someone sees you in a fur coat it triggers images in their mind of frontiersmen, cowboys and warriors. This then triggers a psychological halo effect and they begin to attribute these same qualities to you. You then appear more capable, stronger. More rugged and wild.

And people will treat you as such. When you make your first impressions with a quality shearling coat, you demand respect and attention. You exude confidence. As people treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve, it triggers a positive feedback loop, making you feel more confident and successful. Naturally, when you feel better, you perform better, and you really will become more successful, achieving your dreams like never before imagined. This can be applied to your sex life as much as it can your professional life.

Members of the opposite sex will be attracted to your wild yet timeless style. When you go out on the town, you should expect to get lots of attention. People may start coming up to you to ask a question about your coat, or simply to cop a feel of the sueded leather or downy wool. A stylish sheepskin coat is a great conversation starter, and can help you attract more flirting, phone numbers, and dates, if you play your cards right. Women and men alike report that the number one thing they are attracted to in a member of the opposite sex is confidence. If you want to radiate a calm, capable, confidence you should consider adding a shearling coat to your wardrobe.

Perhaps your goals are different. Perhaps you are straight out of college, and not yet ready to think about meeting the right man or woman and settling down. Perhaps you are more focused on creating a career and a legacy. You want to appear competent and dignified? Add some sheepskin to your wardrobe to make a bold statement that you are strong, powerful, and unavoidable.

For anyone who takes their wardrobe seriously, a sheepskin is clearly an absolute staple. Now be forewarned, a sheepskin coat is a significant investment. They are not cheap. However, with the proper care and storing, a quality pelt can maintain its beautiful sheen and insulating ability for literally decades. This is a wardrobe piece that your grand kids can wear when they are just becoming adults. If you choose your coat wisely, taking care to find one that you will wear again and again and never tire of, a timeless keepsake like this is well worth the cost.