Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are generally garments worn by women to support their feet on the lower portion of the body. It is usually worn with short or long skirts. Stockings are sometimes worn to enhance the calves, to increase beauty or to express poise. It can also be used to finely hide imperfections on the legs, such as blisters, spots, birth marks etc and retain a bold shape of the legs. These socks are very appealing and attractive. They express the fashion statement of a proud woman trying to show off her calve structures. These are normal types of socks, just a bit longer, covering the leg from the lower thigh or knee and so on. Usually garter belts are used to hold the socks in place so that they don’t fall off. In other designs the stay up technique is used to keep them in place. Tight elastic bands are used to hold up the socks. But the first method is better because the elastic band can really hurt, though you do get the advantage of showing no straps.

Thigh high socks come in different designs, shapes, sizes and colors. It depends on the style women are looking for. Depending on the market demand, thigh high socks fashion changes drastically. Some women prefer sheer stockings that are ultra thin and transparent. These are woven out of special cotton or linen. Of course there are variations in colors. Normally they are of black, red, skin or in some cases other random colors. Varying in designs some are normally woven socks while others maybe fishnet stockings or such others.

Though stockings are a bit outdated, you can still see some people using them. Stockings are still available in market at reasonable bargains. Brand shops and retail stores offer a variety of stockings for you to choose from. Online sales are also abundant such as Amazon or eBay; though it is advised that people judge the fabric before they purchase.