Types Of Geek Shirts

Video game shirts

I think this category is pretty much self-explanatory. Gaming apparel is based on video games, this can be a scene taken directly from a game or the game logo. A designer can even have its own interpretation of the game, giving a very original design, Video game shirts can be broken down further into retro video game tees and funny video game tees.

Science And Maths Shirts

These tees basically have science theories and maths equations as part of their designs. I know it might sound a bit weird but designers have created designs based on these concepts and they can be very eye-catching,

Sci-Fi Shirts

Science fiction apparel especially tees are my favourites. These are based on TV. Movies, comic books, cartoons and. Novels. These are probably the most common and popular of the geek shirt genre. The most famous must be the Star Wars Tees,

Anime Shirts

These tees are based on Japanese animation, which have been an off shoot from Manga comics. These shirts tend to have stylised designs. Some of my favourite shirts have been the Death Note shirts.

Comic book shirts

Tees based on your favourite comic book characters. I really like these types of shirts as there is an unlimited resource to draw from there are many characters to choose from, giving the designers a lot of choice to create some fantastic shirts. The characters that everyone will be familiar with are the Marvel and DC heroes and villains.

Web 2.0 shirts

You have no doubt seen these tees, drawing from Facebook and Twitter. These t-shirts in my opinion are the poor relations in the world of geek shirts, as they don’t require a lot of imagination and are normally slogans associated with their respective sites.