Unique Diaper Bag

A unique diaper bag begins with its overall style. Many trendy moms believe that the smaller and sleeker the bag is, the more stylish it appears. While this may have been true at one time, manufacturers and artisans have been producing incredibly trendy tote and hobo style diaper bags in today’s most popular patterns and colors. These larger bags offer exceptional storage capacity for all of your baby essentials, along with all the bells and whistles: bottle holders, mesh sleeves, removable changing pads and secure pockets for mom’s personal items such as keys, cellphone, and such. From popular designers like Caden Lane all the way down to fashion-pioneering mommy offerings from Posh by Tori, finding a unique diaper bag in the more convenient larger styles isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Still, some moms still love a good shoulder bag. One of the most popular styles, shoulder slung bags come in amazing patterns and the latest seasonal colors to match any outfit or accessory. Good shoulder diaper bags should be large enough to accommodate diapers, wipes, and everything you’ll need at baby changing time… even a diaper clutch. Search for one that still maintains enough room for your other bag staples. Blending style with convenience is key.

For the hip, urban mom, consider a messenger bag. Not only will you be displaying one of the most unique diaper bag styles around, you’ll also be able to open it without having to take it off! Messenger diaper bags are made to hang across your chest via a shoulder strap, taking weight off your shoulders and helping alleviate back pain. All this, plus the convenience of grabbing quick toys, snacks, or whatever else baby might need without having to stop and remove the messenger bag from your body.

And for the super-busy mom who needs both hands for baby, backpack style diaper bags offer a convenient hands-free way of carrying everything your baby could ever need. These fashionable backpacks come in unique diaper bag styles from the most talented and well known artisans like Mia Bossi, Fleurville, Oioi, Skooch, and many more. Whether you’re looking for a sporty bag or a more elegant style, backpack baby bags are made to suit every mommy’s needs.