Vintage Bags

Many brand name handbag and purse manufacturers make vintage bags, though just calling them bags does not give a full scope of what they are. Vintage handbags are a wide variety of styles, ranging from clutches to totes – choosing the right style for your tastes or outfit can be quite a task. There are so many designs to choose from as well, as the term is broad and does not give any real specifications.

The style is most often rather extravagant, with flowers made of beads or other items sewn onto them. most vintage bags are made to reflect the styles ranging from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, meaning that the designs that are available most often reflect those time frames. The colors also are rustic and are most often in subdued darker hues of tan, red, purple, gold, and green. Those that have flowers or other shapes sewn on are often host to an array of colors, which are all meant to compliment each other.

Getting this type of handbag, no matter the style, to match with an outfit can be a task. These bags are more casual than anything else due to the extravagant nature of the designs, and as such they do not work well with most formal outfits.

If you are looking for a vintage handbag that is more formal, then you are going to be looking at small subdued clutch bags. These are often made of plastic or leather and are slightly puffy in nature. The most common colors for this style are black or pink, though sometimes they can also be found in white or yellow varieties as well.

The price for any style of these bags can range quite a bit. Depending on the designer, they can cost anywhere from ten dollars to two or three hundred dollars. Your budget should always dictate the brands you look though, though it should be noted that the more elegant or extravagant designs are often more expensive. Many large clothing and accessory specialty stores have them, as to the smaller ones. Some online retailers carry these bags as well, so checking online is an option.

Though not for everyone, vintage bags are for a select type of style. The term is broad, but the telltale signs of yesteryear’s tastes in style and color are a sure giveaway. They can be found at affordable prices, but only after some lengthy searching.