Walk in Heels Without the Pain

  • Step One. Start small. So many women start their heel career far too high. They see the five inch stiletto-style heels, and they think ‘those look great, I want to wear them!’ However, you have to learn to walk in heels, just as you had to learn to walk normally. This takes time and it requires that you take baby steps. Instead of opting for the 5″ heels straightaway, you should go for a 2.5″ or 3″ heel. Once you have learned how to walk in these, then you can progress to heels an inch taller, and build up until you reach that towering height that you want.
  • Step Two. With heels, the feet rub in places where they do not ordinarily do so. The toes push forward, and this can cause rubbing, and equally, the sides of the foot may rub against the shoes. After half an hour of walking, this will cause blistering, which will hurt. To avoid this, you should always wear socks with heels. Now, you may think that wearing socks will look bad, because you are not supposed to see socks with certain types of heels. Fortunately, you can buy special pop-socks, which cover the soles of the feet and only a tiny bit of the side of the foot, and so cannot be seen. Another thing that you can do is wear special plasters that prevent feet from blistering. They just stick on the foot and you place them where you think blisters may develop. They can be expensive because you will need to wear new plasters each time you wear the shoes, unless you stick the plasters to the inside of the shoes, but many people feel this ruins the footwear. Many pairs of high heels have special insoles designed to increase comfort, our advice is that you buy shoes that sport this feature, to avoid any pain.
  • Step Three. Do not contrive your walk; you should be walking the same way in heels as you do in shoes. Try to forget that you are wearing heels, so that you maintain your natural gait. In particular, you should not be placing your heel and toes on the ground first, you heel should hit the floor first and then you should roll forward on the ball of the foot (as you do when walking in flats, although this is such an ingrained behaviour that you probably do not know that you do it).