Wardrobe Strategy

  • Know what works for your body type – Instead of looking to your friends whose body types are opposite of yours look to someone who is shaped like you and take style cues from them. What works, what doesn’t. It’s easier to see things on someone else and if something doesn’t quite work for your body-image twin then chances are it won’t work for you.
  • Know your best colors– Yes, I mention this a lot. It is important and one of the fundamentals of getting your best look. I cannot stress this enough. Even my daughter is creating a wardrobe based on her best core wardrobe colors, and including some of her best accent colors (she’s a Summer). It’s never too early to start!
  • Start with Your Best Basic Core Colors– Many women defer to black, but I encourage you to find your best substitute for black if it’s not your best color. Try a rich caramel, espresso, steel gray or charcoal but select one that’s right for you!
  • Select a Few Accent Colors– When I do a Color Analysis for my clients they get a palette containing their 40 best colors. Of course this can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t wear a lot of color. But I recommend that you choose just a few colors to focus on each season. Learn what the ‘hot’ colors are for the season and then choose your closest versions of them (hint: just because a Pantone shade is in does NOT mean it will work for you. Find your best alternative). When you select just a few shades it makes it easier to build outfits and create more versatile options.
  • Create Clothing Capsules– Start with 5 – 12 items and lay them out on your bed. Make as many outfits as possible with them, including shoes and accessories. This is where focusing on 1 or 2 core colors and 2-3 accent colors translates to less is more. Fewer colors mean more things will go together and will result in more outfits.
  • Use Accessories to Best Advantage – accessories can make you look slimmer, enhance your assets, bring out your eyes and change the look out of your outfit in the blink of an eye. Create accessories capsules to get maximum benefit and remember that they don’t have to ‘match’ but they MUST ‘relate’ to make your look fabulous.
  • Create a Lookbook– I do this for my clients to give them a quick reference guide that helps make getting dressed in a flash easy-peasy. It’s a no brainer when you can look up your outfit (including accessories and shoes) and know exactly what to wear to knock ’em dead at a meeting or even in the carpool lane.