Way to Wear Color

The other day when my mom and I were shopping, we were both drawn to a dramatic combination of fuchsia pants with a bright green top. It was unexpected, yet oh so right! Yet in talking with women, I realize wearing this much color – especially colors this bold – can be intimidating. But the great news is that it can be easy to dip your toe into the season’s best and brightest hues without flinching. Here are my best tips to help you wear color with confidence:

  • Start small – While bold color combinations can be exciting, if you’re not used to wearing color its best to ease into it. Try one eye-popping piece paired with your neutrals, or add some bright accessories to your black and see how fun it can be to bring color into your wardrobe!
  • Wear Your Best – Of course I’m going to tell you that you can’t just wear any color. You want to wear colors that look best on you. Choose a couple of your best brights and put them together in new ways for a fun twist on an old favorite.
  • What’s Unexpected? – I encourage you to ask yourself this question when pairing colors. This will invite you to put things together in new and different ways, creating a fresh look and making you feel as if you have a whole new wardrobe, whether you do or not!
  • Mix it Up – When assessing your wardrobe for spring, it’s great to have plenty of core items in your best neutrals. However, mix it up by adding in a pair of cobalt pants, a bright yellow trench coat or an eye popping handbag that makes a statement.
  • Go Easy – While mixing and matching can be wonderful, a little bit of bright color goes a long way. Pay attention to the colors you’re wearing and be sure they don’t wear you!