Wear Gladiator Shoes

  • To emphasize your shoes, it would be best to wear them with shorts, skirts or dresses. If you want to wear knee high gladiators shoes, wear them with clothes in basic colors like gray, black or white. To break the monotony of colors, you can match it with accessories like a belt or a necklace.
  • You should also consider the shape of your legs. Don’t wear knee-high sandals if you have short legs because it will make you look a lot smaller.
  • For mid-calf gladiator heels, you can wear them with short skirts or Capri pants. This will work well for those who have slim ankles. It would be better to buy those that have zippers at the back. That way you won’t have a hard time walking around.
  • You can also acquire flat gladiators. This is usually worn with different types of clothes. This is the simplest type and that’s why it can easily be paired with anything. As much as possible, stick with those that have wide straps. This will give you more security as you move around.
  • Gladiators are also a good choice if you are going to attend a party. It’s the best type of footwear for a cocktail dress or any other evening wear. You can also use this at any time during the day, especially if you want to appear taller. Pair this up with slim or dark jeans – this will give the illusion that your legs are longer.
  • If you’re going to wear metallic gladiators, make sure that you don’t wear a printed dress. People who will be looking at you will readily direct their attention to your feet. You can wear a metallic dress and footwear together. Just make sure that they have the same shade of color. For example, avoid wearing a silvery dress with gold shoes.
  • Wearing this type of shoes can be constricting especially if you’re going to wear heels for the entire day. Make sure that you pack extra shoes in your car just in case.