Wedding Dress Alterations

The following points must be kept in mind by the bride as this will help take the worry and anxiety out of wedding dress alterations.

    • Choosing someone for the job: The best option is to use someone who has several years of experience with bridal gowns. The dress is precious and there really is no room for errors. So, professional bridal alteration shops are the only option, even though Aunt May has a clever way with the needle and thread and you know that she can do a good job!
    • Nature of alteration work: Typically, wedding dresses need three kinds of alterations. These include alterations to the bodice, hemming and shortening of sleeves. The time required for the alteration work depends on the type of alteration work involved.
    • Timeliness: It is necessary to take the dress to the tailor well ahead of time so that there is sufficient time for multiple fittings. If the job is left till the very end, it could be rushed. On the other hand, getting the job done too early could also be problematic if your size changes in the interim. Two weeks before the wedding date should generally be enough to get the job done to perfection.
    • Accessorize well: Equally important is to carry the head dress, shoes and any other accessories (including any particular under garments that impact the dress) to the tailor so that the alterations look picture perfect on D Day!
    • Online dresses: Dresses that have been bought online pose a more serious problem. These dresses need more extensive alterations that may not be limited to a nip or a tuck. Since the nature of the change is not straightforward, an expert is a necessity. It is necessary to use a company with a proven history of delivering high quality wedding dress alterations.