Western Boots

Boots are always a firm fixture in women’s wardrobes, and the cowboy boot, or western boot if you prefer, is no exception. These are all fashion, all weather, boots. If you want to look good at all times, then cowboy boots will serve you well.

There are a wide variety of styles amongst western boots; here are a few different styles that you can expect to find in the fashion stores today:

  • The relaxed slouch: these are great for women who love to pull of an elegant and sophisticated style, but retain that casual, laissez- faire attitude. If you like this style then you should take a look at the collection by Oxygen or Destroy. Each of these styles both have that distressed slouch effect of which many are fond.
  • Ankle westerns: these are perfect for women who do not enjoy wearing shoes with high uppers – for instance, they can be too hot in summer. There are a wide variety of styles here, some feature decorative spurs, and others may have an animal pattern. Wrangler and Oxygen both have some great examples of these.
  • High heeled: cowboys are not associated with high heels, but for women adopting the style, its fine, and even preferred. There are loads of examples of heeled boots, some have relatively thin, stiletto heels, and others have chunky, stacked, heels. Whatever your preference in terms of heel height and type, you will find what you like in a cowboy boot.

This is just a small idea of the different types of western boots available, there are many more. For example, there is a variety of different colours. There are mustard yellow, burned orange, grey-hued, rich mahogany, and red, as well as your usual browns and blacks.

Western boots are usually shoes for use during the winter months, but, as we stated earlier, there are summer versions of the shoes in the form of ankle boots. However, one thing that you should remember is that these boots were intended for wear in the Wild West, which, if you have ever seen the movies, you will know is incredibly hot. A tall pair of cowboy boots will look fantastic with a pair of daisy dukes, a mini-skirt, or hot pants – so in summer, just go for it!