Animal Print Handbags

One of the very popular frills of today’s women is a Leopard print handbag. Most women with a penchant for fashion consider printing with shades of real black, tan and brown to be top class. A distinct feature of these bags is that you are tempted to pat the synthetic fur.

Handbags with Giraffe print are getting more popular by the day. These have a wild design that looks cozy. It has become quite normal for most manufacturers to design their totes, wallets, satchels and other bags by incorporating giraffe print designs. You will find bags with such designs, a perfect company for any casual or informal occasion. The color scheme of these bags, involving vivid shades of orange, may be a bit loud, but they transmit an unusual oomph to onlookers. These bags are eye catchers because of their color scheme.

Zebra print handbags are not as loud as the leopard and giraffe print varieties. Nonetheless, zebra prints are gaining popularity as animal print handbags. Their typical black-and-white stripes make them qualify as classics. You can frequently find Zebra print on a range of styles of handbags, including, duffel, hobos, totes, clutches and wallets.

Tiger print handbags would certainly give more realistic looks, especially when the print is more detailed. You get this style in an assortment of orange shades. In case of luxury handbags, prints involving inimitable markings, characteristic of white tigers, are getting popular.

Curved patterning using snake print leather are overlaid to get a modern patchwork finish. They come in a rather simple shape, rectangular designs with recessed zipper. The mushroom, tan, and dark-blue shades gel quite well.

An eel skin handbag makes a flawless accessory for any color outfit, as long as it does not look beaten up or aged. Bags made from eel skin are usually pretty durable, but like most other products, tend to fade after prolonged use.

However, regular maintenance ensures its shine for longer periods. Applying a thin coat of colorless shoe wax on the skin, is indeed a very convenient way to ensure its amiable looks for many years.

A Stylish and confident woman would like to use all the six kinds of animal print handbags for informal occasions, though many can be seen with such bags at formal occasions, simply to convey that they are self-assured and stylish.

Fabric Party Bags

A fabric party bag makes a wonderful alternative to using plastic bags. Fabric bags are certainly increasing in popularity and not as expensive to buy or make as you might think.

Fabric bags are ideal as they be used over and over again, unlike plastic bags that usually end up tearing. There are many wonderful styles of fabric party bags available these days or you can make your own if you are good at sewing!

You can buy lovely printed fabrics in great children’s designs from floral to animal designs. Another popular fabric to use is unbleached cotton or cotton canvas, ideal to use for an eco-friendly party.

Here are some great ideas of how to create wonderful fabric party bags:

  • Choose a suitable fabric and one that reflects your party theme, so for example if you are having a summer party, go for a bright floral fabric. Plain cotton fabrics are great if you want to decorate them.
  • Decide upon a style for your bag. One of the most popular styles is the Tote shape, which is basically a rectangle or square shape with handles. Drawstring styles are fairly easy to make as well or why not try to make a pencil case or a purse. All of these styles can be filled with party bag toys and treats.
  • You can print on your fabric bags by using transfers which you can buy. It’s just a case of simply ironing them on. There are lots of designs and motifs available. Fabric pens or fabric crayons are a great way to create designs on plain fabric bags.
  • Plain bags are great for children to paint and decorate as part of the party entertainment, especially good if you haven’t got an entertainer and want to keep them amused for a while. Children will love to be able to take home their creations to show off to their parents.
  • Personalise them. You can write a birthday message or simply personalise with each guests name. This makes a wonderful gift and your guests will be most impressed!

Suit Jacket

There are two main types of suit jackets – the single-breasted jacket, usually with notch lapels and the double-breasted jacket, strictly with peak lapels. Occasionally, you may find a suit with a mandarin collar but it’s not mainstream. Shawl lapels are commonly use in a tuxedo jacket.

Single-breasted jackets have a single row of buttons down the front, usually two or three; there may be an occasional four, commonly for very tall men. The jacket’s front sides only overlap enough to permit buttoning.

A double-breasted jacket has two rows of buttons, and the front overlaps enough to allow both front sides to be attached to the opposite row of buttons. These jackets were all the rage in the 80s and seem to be going through a revival of sorts with some recent high-profile adopters in David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal and even Prince Charles. The current double-breasted jackets though are only remnants of their former selves – gone are the big shoulder pads, they are cut shorter and the bulk factor is removed altogether allowing shorter men the opportunity to don one without looking all swamped up.

Jacket Fit. The fit is the most important part of the jacket and I can’t stress that enough. People have different comfort levels with how tapered they wear their jackets. This is usually done at the waist to allow the jacket to closely follow the contours of the body. It all depends on how comfortable you feel in the look. You may have noticed men who power-dress, bankers and management consultants for instance all wear tapered jackets as it is what basically creates the image. To look good in a suit, you need not have your jackets fitted to that level unless you like it that way. Although be careful that it’s not too loose either as that creates the opposite effect of a shabby image. Make sure it’s shaped well on you and the fabric does not pinch at some corners and hang loose at others.

Here are a few things other you will want to look at to ensure the rest of your jacket fits well. The waist button should rest just below the natural waist of the wearer. The length of the jacket should be in line with the middle knuckle of the thumb and the back should rest just a little below the bottom. The cuffs should rest just a little above where the wrists. This leaves room for the shirt cuffs to be seen, usually around half an inch.

Jacket Shoulders. Jackets are usually built around the shoulders, and this structure is essential to the fit of the garment. The most important function of the jacket shoulders is to create symmetry. People come in different shapes and sizes and that is true of their shoulders too. Some men have extremely broad shoulders, others drooping and some will even have shoulders of different heights. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and a well-stitched bespoke jacket will easily help to create symmetry. The padding of the shoulders is the place to start. Make sure the shoulder lines are well-defined but not exaggerated. For most people excessively large shoulder pads, for instance those that extend beyond the natural shoulder line creates a disproportionate look. On the other hand, if you naturally have small shoulders, having the shoulder pads very slightly extend beyond your shoulder line, will correct the look for you. It’s all down to your body type.

The thickness of the padding is the next thing to look at. If you naturally have shoulders of different heights, you can use the padding of varying thickness to easily correct that for you. As a general rule with shoulder padding, gone are the days when bulky shoulder pads were in trend. Today’s jackets largely have a thin padding with a slightly downward natural slant. Over-padding causes the neck and head to be engulfed by the jacket, and too thin padding does not allow the jacket to have the formal look that a suit jacket is supposed to create. What a bespoke jacket does is to create evenness and symmetry no matter what your natural shoulders are like.

Jacket Lapels. Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front side of the jacket; a continuation of the jacket collar that stretches down to where the buttons begin. Lapels come in different styles and options. The most common variance of the lapels is the width. For a classic look, a moderate-width lapel is best and it works well on most occasions.

There are three basic types of lapels. The most common is the notched lapel and is the type used on single-breasted jackets. A suit jacket with notched lapels is often considered the most formal way of dressing and the type adopted by businessmen across the board. The second type, the peak lapel is more dressy than notched and commonly used on a double-breasted suit. Peak lapels create a broader and stronger silhouette with it’s fuller looking edges and arched angles – more of an occasion look and might be a bit much for the working day unless of course it comes on a double-breasted jacket. Shawl lapel is the third type and is usually found on tuxedo and dinner jackets. Here, the lapel and collar are not separate – the under collar is cut in one garment front with the centre back seam joining the two halves.

Jacket Sleeves Buttons. One of the things that distinguishes a bespoke jacket from an off-the-rack one is functioning sleeve buttons. In fact it has become fashionable to leave the last one unbuttoned as a statement to say that the jacket is custom-made. Most suits these days have four sleeve buttons but three is not uncommon. Regardless of the number, there should be at least as many of them as there are buttons on the waist, and they should be placed within a half-inch or so above the hem. Also sleeve buttons should always match the waist buttons.

Jacket Pockets. There are three typical styles of pockets on a jacket. The first is the jetted pockets. This type of pocket is sewn into the lining of the jacket and only a narrow horizontal slit appears on the side. As they appear nearly invisible, it contributes to a very sleek and polished look and frequently found on formal wear.

The second type of pocket is called the flap pocket. Flap pockets are like jetted pockets with an additional flap sewn into the top of the pocket, thus the name. It covers the pocket’s opening. Flap pockets are the most common type on suit jackets and nowadays is tailored such that the flaps can be tucked inside the pocket thus creating the jetted pocket appearance. This gives wearers’ the option of wearing the suit one day with the jetted pocket look and another with the flap pocket look.

There are also patch pockets, the least formal, and like the name suggests, a cloth is patched on the outside of the jacket to make it into a pocket.

Some bespoke jackets also come with a ticket pocket, another customisation that distinguishes a bespoke jacket from a ready-made one. It’s a smaller pocket placed above the standard pocket on the right side or occasionally on the left if that’s the wearer’s dominant hand.

Pockets are, usually, horizontally cut, but on some less formal jackets like the sports jacket you will find that they are made with a slight slant.

Moving up and common to all jackets is the breast pocket – basically a jetted pocket found on the upper-left chest. It’s purpose is not that of a pocket as such and is used more commonly for putting a display handkerchief or pocket square.

Inside pockets differ from jacket to jacket. Off-the-rack ones don’t often come with one. On a bespoke suit, it depends on the customisation requests but as a standard there is normally one on the left side and it is sewn into the lining. Some additional inside pockets for holding pens and/or credit cards are also not uncommon, another signature that the jacket is bespoke.

Jacket Vents. Vents are flap-like slit(s) in the back bottom of the jacket designed to accommodate freer movement while a person is seated for instance and for easier access to trouser pockets for the wallet. On the bespoke jacket there are three options – ventless, center vent and side vents.

Ventless jackets as the name suggests have no vent and is commonly found on Italian-style suits offering a sleek look for the back side of the jacket. Center vent is one single slit in the center of the jacket. A jacket with side vents has two vents, one on either side, usually where the trouser pockets are placed.

Wardrobe Strategy

  • Know what works for your body type – Instead of looking to your friends whose body types are opposite of yours look to someone who is shaped like you and take style cues from them. What works, what doesn’t. It’s easier to see things on someone else and if something doesn’t quite work for your body-image twin then chances are it won’t work for you.
  • Know your best colors– Yes, I mention this a lot. It is important and one of the fundamentals of getting your best look. I cannot stress this enough. Even my daughter is creating a wardrobe based on her best core wardrobe colors, and including some of her best accent colors (she’s a Summer). It’s never too early to start!
  • Start with Your Best Basic Core Colors– Many women defer to black, but I encourage you to find your best substitute for black if it’s not your best color. Try a rich caramel, espresso, steel gray or charcoal but select one that’s right for you!
  • Select a Few Accent Colors– When I do a Color Analysis for my clients they get a palette containing their 40 best colors. Of course this can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t wear a lot of color. But I recommend that you choose just a few colors to focus on each season. Learn what the ‘hot’ colors are for the season and then choose your closest versions of them (hint: just because a Pantone shade is in does NOT mean it will work for you. Find your best alternative). When you select just a few shades it makes it easier to build outfits and create more versatile options.
  • Create Clothing Capsules– Start with 5 – 12 items and lay them out on your bed. Make as many outfits as possible with them, including shoes and accessories. This is where focusing on 1 or 2 core colors and 2-3 accent colors translates to less is more. Fewer colors mean more things will go together and will result in more outfits.
  • Use Accessories to Best Advantage – accessories can make you look slimmer, enhance your assets, bring out your eyes and change the look out of your outfit in the blink of an eye. Create accessories capsules to get maximum benefit and remember that they don’t have to ‘match’ but they MUST ‘relate’ to make your look fabulous.
  • Create a Lookbook– I do this for my clients to give them a quick reference guide that helps make getting dressed in a flash easy-peasy. It’s a no brainer when you can look up your outfit (including accessories and shoes) and know exactly what to wear to knock ’em dead at a meeting or even in the carpool lane.

Celebrity Shoe Design Craze

Perfumes, clothing lines, handbags and many more are being created and produced for the public by celebrities. In recent years the craze was to produce your own perfume but now it seems to have turned to footwear. Perfume is now mass produced and you will find just about every celebrity endorsing their own. If they have been in the limelight they are bound to bring out a range. The shelves in shops today are becoming a bit overcrowded however. Remember they want their name to really stand out.

However, many celebrities have noticed recently that the shoe racks are bare and could do with some stocking! If you are famous and people like you, you can sell just about anything. Look at the lengths extreme fans go to, to own their favourite singers towel they use to wipe their brow for an example. Celebrity women especially are rarely seen without a glamorous pair of towering high heels and are forever claiming how much they love footwear. Girls are meant to love them and one of these celebrities says that ‘it is in girls’ genes’.

Mixing a perfume smell is something that will be very easy to create and can be a simple task for a celebrity to pick out a few oils that are recommended to smell nice together. However creating a clothing or footwear line should be more difficult and include a lot more involvement from them. When designing a perfume there are millions of different fragrances and oils you can mix together to create different smells so it should be straightforward to create something new and unique. With designing a range of accessories you need to follow some standard shoe styles such as heels or boots and then try to create a design that would stand out and be your own, but also that people would want to wear. This will require them to have a great team on hand and hopefully a creative flair. If they really get involved and would be seen in their own range this will make people want to buy it even more.

Once the shelves are filled with these celebrities designs they are bound to sell out to avid fans of celebs and shoe enthusiasts alike. Once this craze has taken off even further I am sure more plan to follow suit. There will be another aspect of product selling that celebrities will make sure they create for fans to get their hands on.

Affordable Are Designer Mens Clothes

First is the fact that there are many designers now than there were in earlier years. Just like in any industry, the existence of many dealers results in greater competition. A lot of competition leads to reduction in prices in order to increase sales. Many fashion designers now have stores in which they target the average earning population. In these stores they have reduced prices and this boosts their sales in the long run.

When looking for designer mens clothes you must be aware of the fact that certain clothes are meant to be worn at certain functions or places. You do not want to attend an office meeting in casual clothes such as a t-shirt and jeans. If you are not sure what to buy or how to pair up your clothes, you can enlist the services of a stylist or just ask for help at the store when you go in to buy the clothes. It is not a bad idea to be a little more adventurous in your choice of clothes and the colours you prefer but be sure that whatever you buy makes you feel comfortable yet still unique.

Clothes can either make or break you. Designer mens clothes have the ability to greatly boost your self-esteem levels and leave you feeling very confident. This can work very well for you especially if you have an important meeting where you have to be on top of your game or if you are meeting a girl out on a date and you would like to impress her. Just the knowledge that you are well groomed will increase your confidence levels. You must be careful though not to buy fake designer clothes. There are always replicas out on the market and they are never as good as the real deal. To prevent this from happening, always try to purchase mens designer clothes from the designer shops.

Spot High End Shoes

A leather sole

There are some well made brands out there that do not have leather soles but usually this feature is an indication that the items are made of higher quality materials. Brands that use leather soles over man made materials also tend to have more stringent manufacturing processes which contribute to a better shoe. In addition, shoes with leather soles can be resoled when well worn which means that those $200 heels could last for years and years for a minimal maintenance cost. This does not apply to athletic shoes. Those are a whole different story.

Well made hardware

Take a very close look at the buckles, notions, or other hardware on the shoes. Does the metal have casting lines or rough edges? If there are rhinestones are they clear and set properly? Are the notions stitched on well? Or is the work sloppy? A flaw in the hardware and haphazard application of it is a sign that the shoe was put together with cheap materials and made quickly. It is unlikely that a pair with these signs will last for long.

Durable upper material

Leather shoes are by far the most durable materials for uppers. As long as it is conditioned and taken care of properly, leather shoes can last for years. Man made materials and fabrics have less durability and require a lot more care. If the material looks very plastic like or the fabric too thin it is probably best to stay away.

Check out the insoles

The best shoes will not only look great on the outside they will also look great on the inside. The insoles should fit well with no gaps and be secure. Very good shoes will have some slight cushion and the insoles will be made of leather too. Leather insoles breathe and prevent sweaty feet and stinky shoes.

Shamballa Bracelets

Both women and children can wear shamballa bracelets. If you are shopping online, just be sure to read the description for actual age recommendations as most are available as either standard or children sizes. As an added bonus, the fact that they are adjustable makes this jewelry accessory a wonderful gift if you are uncertain as to her wrist size. Almost Diamonds, a popular online jewelry retailer specializing in cubic zirconia, offers these bracelets in sizes specifically designed for both children and adults. With nearly 200 shamballa bracelets in stock, this retailer is one who carries a full line with everything from white turquoise to black onyx and everything in between. Children’s bracelets obviously feature beads with a smaller diameter, while the adult style bracelets often feature beads as large as 12mm round.

These types of bracelets are unique because of their design and the corded technique used to secure the gemstone beads. Because they are available in a variety of natural gemstones, shamballa bracelets are easy to accessorize with your current wardrobe. Their uniform bead size and the fact that each stone is the same throughout the bracelet make it effortless to pair with your favorite outfit. Whether you want basic black or a touch of color, beaded accessories can be a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.

While it is possible that you may find shamballa designs at your local jewelry store, it is much more likely that you will find a better selection by shopping online. Even if you were fortunate enough to find one or two styles locally, your assortment would likely be much greater from your favorite online jewelry retailer. Because of the potential customer base, online jewelers often stock a greater number of items in order to appeal to a variety of customers. As a shopper, this means a wider selection from which you may choose and also means better pricing. The latter is made possible by online retailers who buy in bulk quantities, which saves them money. In turn, they are able to pass that savings onto you through deeper discounts and pricing that you would not normally find through a local jeweler.

In closing, shamballa bracelets are terrific gifts either for yourself or for someone else. If you know someone who has a birthday coming up or you simply want to surprise her with something unexpected for no other reason than ‘just because,’ these affordable bracelets are not only easy on the eyes, but also on the wallet. These days, it is very difficult to find a popular style in jewelry that also happens to be an economical choice.

Medium-Rise Jeans

I forgot. Denim gets softer and looser with use and wear. The medium-rise jeans slip down at the front but not at the back. Why do they stay firm over my bottom but not over my tummy? As the jeans fall down in the front, my tops do not cover the gap and my scar shows. I am constantly pulling up the jeans and pulling down my tops. I am waiting for my husband to ask – why are you always hitching up those jeans? – or maybe something worse.

I also forgot that the smooth fitting tops I wear over my jeans ride up as I walk. So now there is even more tummy and scar exposed every time I move. I need a belt.

These medium-rise jeans that fit snugly over my bottom and back when standing, gape at the back when I sit down. It is okay if the back of the chair is covered but not good if it is not. Suddenly my tops do not cover this bare skin at the back. I bought these jeans for a holiday in a cold climate. I am getting colder that I thought in unexpected body parts. One good point – I am not exposing my g-string because I do not wear one. Well only on special occasions which I will not explain here.

Lastly, there was my pride in my tiny muffin top. That has now gone. Standing in the change room, I forgot that life involves a lot of sitting down. Where did that new muffin top come from? Every time I sit down, I see and feel not a tiny but a big muffin top. Oops! Vanity has disappeared. Meanwhile, every time I sit down, the denim stretches and the jeans fall down even more when I stand up. I am doing Groundhog Day with the same problems over and over again.

What was I thinking when I bought those medium-rise jeans!

Okay. I still love the jeans. Maybe I will buy a belt but I am not sure that will work. What if I buy some men’s braces to hold them up? No! Individuality is one thing. Looking just plain silly is another.

The things I do to teach others.

My modern dressing tip for women over 40 – If there is a seat or bench in the change room, use it to test out any hipster clothes before you buy.

Return to Formal Footwear

Fortunately for men, there is a great variety of handmade shoes to choose from in the UK, as this country is the birthplace of many heritage brands and modern labels highly influenced by traditional styling including H by Hudson, Oliver Sweeney, Loake and Grenson. There’s no excuse – every English gent should own at least one pair of beautifully crafted shoes.

The UK’s association with classic footwear for men stems back hundreds of years, and the techniques developed by skilled craftsmen over the centuries are still employed today by high quality brands that have respect for the tried and test production processes.

Brands including H by Hudson are clearly influenced by the UK’s long love affair with well-made shoes for men. It was launched in 2004 as a diffusion brand of Hudson Shoes which was established 14 years prior, and the ‘younger brother’ brand offers a wide selection of men’s shoes that are more fashion forward than the mainline, but its footwear is still made to an exceptionally high standard making it a great choice. In-keeping with the latest trends, it offers classic brogues, loafers and lace-ups, alongside more casual options such as desert boots and boat shoes.

A more traditional slant on footwear is offered by traditional English shoe maker Grenson, which has over 140 years’ experience in making shoes of outstanding quality, with the mantra that a shoe is only as strong as its weakest element. Its handmade shoes are still constructed in Northamptonshire, which has been the epicentre of the British shoe-making industry since the 17th century. It’s also still based in the same factory it’s been running since 1895.

Whatever brand you opt for, for the quintessentially English look that works so well with suits, choose a British brand and stick with traditional styles without too many fashion embellishments that may date them quickly. Good quality shoes may be a must-have for the season, but they will actually last you for many years to come if you take excellent care of them, so invest in a pair with classic styling to future proof your purchase.