Bold Bracelets

Sports Bracelets

Made of simple and inexpensive silicone rubber, sports (or gel) bracelets are probably the world’s most wore type of bracelet. One particularly popular model is the Yellow Livestrong wristband that was introduced in 2003 and has now sold around 100 million units. The appeal of these basic, unadorned bracelets is that they can be worn by either men or women, at work or at play. It also doesn’t hurt that they only cost around a dollar or two each.

Tennis Bracelets

Thin in-line bracelets with diamonds got their popular nickname when Tennis champion Chris Evert broke her elegant accessory during an important game. The match was suspected for several minutes while the athlete recovered her scattered diamonds. Tennis bracelets have been a popular article of jewelry ever since. Because they are glamorous and often expensive, they are typically only worn to formal occasions, such as operas, balls, and upscale cocktail parties. A genuine diamond tennis bracelet can cost several, even tens of thousands of dollar. But there are far more economical options. Tennis bracelets that include cubic zirconias or simulated diamonds can be found for only a few hundred dollars.

Charm Bracelets

One of the oldest articles of jewelry, charm bracelets have been around for thousands of years. They Ancient Egyptians used them to ward off evil spirits and to give them a leg up in the afterlife. According to legend, charm bracelets served as a form of identification after death, and if a good man was buried with them, the Gods would reward him once they recognized him. Modern charm bracelets are worn almost exclusively by women. Many girls get them as a birthday or holiday present and then receive the charms on other special occasions. Popular charms include numbers, symbols and animals. They are often highly personal and can easily be attached to the bracelet.


Typically made of metal and in solid form, bangles are often worn in groups, since they make a pleasant sound when they clink together. In some foreign countries, particularly in India, women wear bangles that are made of glass and sound like wind chimes when they clash. These accessories can be worn on the hands or on the ankles and are extremely popular with young children, since their constant movement causes constant sound.

Beaded Bracelets

Made of plastic, wood, metal or glass beads, these bracelets are extremely popular with women all over the world. Not only are they fashionable and versatile, they are also affordable. Many people who practice jewelry making as a hobby design and make their own beaded bracelets. They can then either keep them or give them away; some folks even sell them!