Choose Shoes For Pole Dancing

  • Check out local stores and online shops. It would be best to limit your shopping to the shoe stores, whether online or offline, that have been around for quite some time and are known for their great quality and reliability. Go for reliable brands such as Pleaser or Ellie.
  • Determine your budget. Once you have set a budget, you can browse through the ones that fall within your budget. If you find pairs that are a bit more expensive, consider them only if they give great value for your money. Keep in mind also that online shops are able to provide more discounts because they do not have pricey overhead expenses. Also be on the lookout for special discounted vouchers in group buying sites and for special promos and offers by certain brands.
  • Choose ideal styles. To further limit your choices, you must pick out the styles that you like. Just be sure not to choose shoes for pole dancing that have a lot of embellishments which may get in the way of the performance. Do away with rhinestones, studs, laces, and the like that can lead to possible injuries or that can just scratch the pole. Also choose a pair with ankle straps that can keep the shoes secured to your feet especially when you are doing those airborne stunts.
  • Select suitable colors. Keep your pole dancing outfit in mind when selecting the colors of your shoes in order to ensure that they match. If you want to have a pair that you can use with several outfits, go for neutral colored ones such as an elegant black pair or transparent ones with trimmings of white and silver. They are stylish yet practical.
  • Try them on. It is very important to try on shoes for pole dancing before purchasing them so as to have a feel of the fit. They must be comfortable for you. Walk around the store with these shoes on. Meanwhile, if you are buying online, make sure to choose a shop that allows you to return the shoes and get a refund or to exchange them for a different pair.