Cruyff have become known for their knack at crafting some of the finest trainers around, their way of combining fine materials and elegant designs seems to result in one of the most elegant yet practical trainers on the market today – partly the reason behind the brands success.

In every pair of Cruyff trainers it’s apparent that the finest materials have been sourced for the producing of their trainers. The effort and time that’s poured into crafting these trainers is unquestionable as every single piece seems faultless, if I never knew better I could suggest that some of their collections were hand crafted.

Attention to detail seems paramount to Cruyff.


The attraction to Cruyff differs from person to person but for me it’s their eye catching designs that grab my attention. It’s doubtful that you will find a range among Cruyff’s vast collection that isn’t stylish, but theirs one thing for certain; each design is elegant and highly fashionable. Their classic trainers are sought after among the trend seekers who continually seek the latest fashionable footwear and after experiencing Cruyff I can understand why.

Light & Agile

Whether you’re a keen sportsman who seeks comfortable and sturdy footwear with a stylish edge or a trend seeker looking for the latest fashionable trainers – there’s one thing you’re sure to want and that’s light and agile trainers, a key element of Cruyff trainers.

Although their collections are fresh season after season you can be certain that those classic trainers such as the Recopa classics and Vanenburg trainers are present every time. To some who are unfamiliar with Cruyff this may seem pointless that some of their ranges are continually the same but those two classic trainers are superb and among the most popular ranges, you can expect to see slight changes in detailing and colour but the concept remains the same each time.