Different Eyeglasses Frame Styles

Typically full frames are known more as a traditional style rather than the most fashionable frames available. However, recently they have absolutely made a comeback! It first started for females with the long rectangular, plastic frames – much like what Tina Fey made famous. Although since, they can now be seen on just about anyone as they are one of the main focal-points for the Retro and Hipster styles! Currently full-framed rimes are showcased on thick, plastic round or wayfarer style glasses. They are also available in metal material – which can have a dramatic effect on the weight of the frames. Full-frame glasses are typically the heaviest option available; however, of course lens thickness comes into play and can change the weight dramatically. Unless the frames or lenses are too small, the material on the bottom of the lens shouldn’t really affect your vision one way or another; so keep that in mind.

Semi-Rimless glasses are usually covered on the top and sometimes the sides of the lenses. They are a very popular style as they can easily combine fashion and comfort. For instance, if you like plastic frames, semi-rimless eyeglasses give you the freedom of having a fun design on the temples, while the lenses are comfortably lightweight, and free on the bottom. The lenses are actually held into place by a transparent nylon string. Semi-rimless frames are certainly offered in metal as well. Again, the metal material usually makes the frames generally lighter weight – and add the semi-rimless feature, it’ll almost feel like you’re not even wearing glasses!

Rimless glasses are sometimes known as America’s favorite style. They are more predominantly attached to metal frames (rather than plastic), seemingly to add to their not-even-there feel. These lenses are usually held on just by a hinge on the sides of the frames and a connecting free bridge piece. They are completely surrounded by the same transparent nylon string as the semi-rimless were. They are very popular for several reasons – basically all pertaining to their lightweight density. One great attribute to wearing rimless glasses is that besides their barely-there feel, they also allow everyone to see your whole face – as there is only a clear lens blocking your eyes. It’s a great option!

Keep these thoughts in mind when shopping for your next pair of eye glasses. You want your glasses to suit your needs – in regards to vision correction, fashion, and accessibility. Despite all of the other choices you still need to decide over, hopefully now you’ll know whether you’d like to get a pair of rimless, semi-rimless, or full-framed glasses frames for your next pair. If nothing else, you should have a better understanding of what each option offers. Good luck on your new glasses!