Different Styles of Girls Pajamas

One of the most comfortable baby girl pajamas are the footed one-piece zip-up styles. Another important feature is a snap-up crotch, making it easy to change a baby’s diaper without completely undressing him or her. These pajamas are usually made out of a soft cotton or flannel, depending on the particular season. Other popular fabrics for infant sleepwear are organic cotton and fleece. Another practical style is the sleeping bag style, which is like a nightgown but zips up at the bottom so the baby’s legs will stay covered all night. The best styles for a hot summer are simple short-sleeve rompers. It is important that the outfit be snug enough to stay on, but not too constricting for easy movement.

Toddler girl pajamas are especially cute. The footed one-piece styles also work well for them with the added feature of gripper dots on the bottom of the feet to keep little ones from slipping. There are two-piece pajama sets made out of warm flannel or soft T-shirt fabric. Fabrics can be plain colors or prints with choices ranging from floral to cartoon characters. There are even PJ sets that come with a tutu for the little ballerina. The right pajamas can make bedtime a more enjoyable experience.

Pajamas for girls change as they get older and girls get more discriminating in what they like. From the classic red plaid flannel nightgown popular at Christmas time, to a popular designer-made ruffled gown, girls sleepwear is available in so many styles and colors. Girls also enjoy wearing pajamas with their favorite Disney character embellished on the top or printed all over the set. Some even like to wear one-piece footed girls pajamas to keep cozy and warm on a cold winter night. Many girls like to wear holiday-themed pajamas, especially at Christmas time. It can even be fun for the whole family to have matching pajamas. For those warm summer nights, cotton sleep shorts and a coordinating T-shirt are a very popular choice for girl pjs.

A slumber party or a sleepover is a favorite occasion for many girls. In this case, sleepwear can be considered a form of fashion statement. Girls have a lot of fun choosing just the right pajamas for the party. Although there may not be a lot of sleeping going on, the PJs should be comfortable for pillow fights and other enjoyable games and activities. From newborn to pre-teen, options for girls pjs can be comfortable, stylish and lots of fun.