Dressing Too Casually

Some signs that show you may be too casual in your dressing styles are:

  • Your wardrobe choices are limited and consist mainly of staple items such as T-shirts, polo tees, shorts and jeans.
  • You wear the similar apparels frequently, so much so that your friends commented, “You are wearing this again? Don’t you have other clothes?”
  • You only shop for clothes at a few selected stores and are resistant to trying out new brands or styles. You may also buy clothes without trying them on first, being too lazy to do so.
  • You find that people pay little attention to you
  • You appear under-dressed in events where everyone else seems to be dressed over the top (in your opinion)

Wearing too casually can hurt your personal image and affect the impression people have of you in general. Many will find it difficult to treat someone seriously or with respect if the person in question put too little care in his or her public image. In some cases, a person who dresses too casually may appear sloppy or lazy, leading others to believe that this part of his or her personality will translate into his or her professional working life. In other cases, appearing under-dressed in formal events may be seen as disrespectful to the host.

Given the social issues one may face if not enough effort is put into his or her dressing choices, it is advisable to address this before any damage is done. Putting in effort to test out different styles of apparel to find out what fits you well is crucial in helping you avoid dressing too casually. Seek the help of a personal shopper if you need help to pick suitable clothes for yourself.