Elements to Designing Cool T-Shirts

The first step to designing awesome t-shirts is planning. Think about the kind of t-shirts you want to design. Do you want an image, slogan or combination of the two? Will they be vintage inspired, pop culture or geeky? It is also a good idea to think about who you want to design your t-shirts for. If it’s just for yourself, that’s fairly easy, but if you are looking to sell your t-shirts and make some money, it’s worth narrowing down your target market and taking a look at what they are interested in and what they are wearing. Once you have a solid idea of what type of t-shirts you want to design and what would appeal to your target customer, it’s time to get designing! There are a few things your t-shirts will need, if they are to really stand out:

Colour: This is one of the most important elements of any great tee. The right colour scheme can really make your design stand out. It is worth taking some time to play around with different combinations to see what works – if your colour sense leaves a little to be desired, or if you’re just after a few new ideas, there are plenty of online colour matching sites, which can come up with contrasting and matching colour combinations. Don’t forget to keep it simple. Black and white t-shirts sell the best. Also, the more colours you have, the higher your printing costs will be and you run the risk of your t-shirts looking chaotic and messy rather than eye-catching and distinctive.

Graphic: There are a number of images which are popular on t-shirts at the moment and if you’re looking for mass market appeal, you might want to consider incorporating one of these in your overall design. Animals seem to have a fairly timeless appeal as does nature. Think about using common images in an interesting or unusual way for a twist on the conventional.

Placement: Most graphics are placed on the front upper area of the chest. Don’t try and reinvent the t-shirt wheel, here!

Material: Really great t-shirts not only look good, they feel great to wear. Ensure your customers get the most out of your t-shirts and that they become a staple of their wardrobe, by sourcing good quality and long-lasting t-shirt blanks like American Apparel. Good quality materials and the best quality printing should also help make your t-shirts look much better than cheap fabric and printing.