Fascinator or Tiara

The tiara has established itself as the headpiece of choice in the bridal wear paradigm. Who can forget the recent Royal Wedding and the simple but beautiful tiara worn by Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge? But the tiara isn’t just the preserve of the elite; it is a pervasive adornment at Weddings throughout socio-economic strata.

However, from a stylistic perspective, the tiara can be somewhat limiting in form. The tiara is generally designed around a similar group of shapes and often with a crown motif. It is often a simple and safe option – but lacks the originality that many brides seek for their special day.

The bridal fascinator, on the other hand, is less constrained in form. Designs range from small delicate flowers to elaborate headpieces constructed from large feathers, ruffles, quills and swathes of horse hair braid. And, like the tiara, there are many options for crystals, gems and beadwork. Also, with the bridal fascinator, more of a statement can be made through the use of colour. Where the tiara is often limited to more subtle tones, the bridal fascinator can be as extravagant, bold and striking as required.

In some ways the bridal fascinator actually makes the bride’s life easier – where a tiara often necessitates a separate veil (a whole new decision), bridal fascinators often incorporate a veil and hence, remove an item from the voluminous Wedding planner’s checklist.

One option for the diplomatic bride, with a foot in both the traditional and modern camps, would be to wear a tiara for the ceremony and a bridal fascinator for the reception. This may suit the essential nature of these distinct parts of her special day.

There are many options for the bride-to-be when selecting a bridal fascinator. There are relatively inexpensive off-the-shelf items available in the high street and online. For those with less modest budgets, there are creations from well-known Milliners and fashion designers. Another option is to tap into the wide range of skilled artisans in your locality. There are many talented Milliners available who can work with a bride to create something unique that won’t break the bridal bank.